President’s Message Dear WSCAI Members,

and collectively. First and foremost,  of you, and your loved ones, neighbors and co-workers in good health and good


spirits despite the profound stress we are experiencing in  to see people come together to meet the challenge.  in, adapting rapidly to the new order of social distancing and work/school closures, while continuing to provide essential services to residents. I am convinced that this collective spirit will get us through this tough period, and that our bonds of community will be stronger for it.

WSCAI is doing its part by continuing to provide valuable resources to members. The Chapter held a free online Webinar on March 24 on maintaining continuity in association operations by holding remote annual and board meetings, closing selected common facilities, altering maintenance protocols, and changing procedures for interaction among residents and staff. Thanks to our resourceful Chapter staff, other events have also moved to a live webinar format to the extent possible. A Saturday Seminar on Contracts for Homeowners and Board Members was well attended on, an online communication platform, and all committee meetings  sleeping?! Unfortunately, some events cannot be held online and have to be rescheduled. The Bellingham Educational Symposium has been moved to July 11 and Law Day has being moved to August 8. We will update you  can. Please watch your inbox for Chapter Happenings.

In terms of continuity at the Chapter level, I am pleased to report that we had a very successful legislative session, thanks to the great work of our Legislative Action Committee and lobbyists. A bill that would have eliminated warranty protection for condominiums with seven units or less was defeated; and a bill promoting accessory dwelling units was, at our request, successfully amended to make the  interest communities, among other successes this session.

 our ADR (alternative dispute resolution) initiative. After

6 Community Associations Journal | April 2020

he Coronavirus pandemic is impacting all of us, individually

intensive study by the ADR Task Force, the Board approved the recommendation to create a Chapter-run   manager mediators each having a minimum 40 hours of mediator training and other experience requirements. The program has moved into the implementation phase  and mediator training, and other important details. Input from attorney and manager members has been solicited but anyone wanting to provide input about the program should feel free to contact me.

Let me close with an invitation: with work having slowed down for many people, this is a great time to write (and submit) that article you’ve wanted to write, or to sketch out that presentation you’ve had in mind. Please continue to engage, and share your knowledge and experience, so WSCAI can continue to offer top-notch educational programs and dedicated advocacy for homeowners, board members, managers, and business partners of community associations.

Sincerely, Tony Rafel, Chapter President (206) 838-2662 |

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