While some communities have fully staffed front desks and secured locations for deliveries, those who are without employees and mail rooms are looking for ways to help reduce the possibility that their packages could be the next ones taken. Luckily, there are emerging tools that can help associations and owners to lessen the chance of being a stolen package statistic.

Let’s Dive In: Delivery

 USPS and most package

delivery companies allow 

on your deliveries, via phone, text message or email. This allows you to monitor your packages in transit and upon delivery.

Package Lockboxes

Some mailboxes can alert you to the delivery while keeping your package locked up safe from potential thieves until you are able to return home to retrieve it. A good thing to note: with boxes that remain locked, you will need to work with USPS to ensure your delivery person has access. You will also likely need to communicate delivery instructions to  your manager to see if board approval is needed prior to installation.

Outdoor Security 

Required Signature

Double up and require a signature on your deliveries to ensure packages are never left unattended.


Although they aren’t as effective as a theft deterrent as security cameras (due to their low 

have become increasingly popular.  few of many options being offered to residents who want to know when a package has been delivered or who is visiting their front door. These small but effective devices provide wireless options, HD cameras, two- way audio, motion detection, and mobile capabilities.

Provide peace of mind and deter opportunity-seeking thieves. A lot of the newer systems also provide the ability to view real- time footage from your computer or mobile device, as well as cloud- based storage of video footage. It is important to note that the installation of outdoor home security systems are considered an architectural alteration, which usually requires board approval prior to installation. Before you make installation plans, be sure to check with your association’s board of directors and/or community association manager to ensure that you submit all the necessary documents for the board to review.

Self-Service 24/7 Mail Lockers

Convenience that also provides peace of mind. Self-service mail lockers are becoming more popular amongst condominium communities all over the nation. These systems improve the chain of custody and ensure protected and accountable delivery of packages. As deliveries arrive, they are placed in a locker and residents are alerted immediately by a  are retrieved by using a unique pin code or access card — easy as that!

* * * * *

Package Delivery Software

Programs like Receiving Room, EZTrackit, Parcel Alert,  immediately by email or text once their package arrives onsite.  TV or monitor which is used to display units with packages on a screen in a common area such as a lobby or mailroom.

In addition to all these great tools, always check with your community’s manager, legal counsel and even your insurance provider, to ensure that you are complying with your association’s governing documents and best practices for installing  many community associations also have language in their declaration which puts a cap on how much can be spent on capital improvements without a vote of the ownership, so it’s always better to check with your professional before installing.

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