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unburdened by the expenses of commercial licenses and insurance that drive up the costs of more traditional venues.  oversight from the websites and apps that facilitate the STRs, the owners of the properties, or local governments.

Problems With STR “Party Houses”

Sometimes STRs are designed to be party venues. But owners have little control once the party begins:

 Naperville, Illinois ( Renters procured a home for a party by representing that 30 people would attend, but on the day of the event,  was alerted that the number of guests far-exceeded the agreed-upon limit, the party raged on through the night.  littering the community, and perhaps most concerning: a lost sense of security in their own homes.

 Seattle, Washington ( An Airbnb party-house in Seattle made headlines when a party turned violent. This was another instance where the property owner knew that the renters intended to throw a party but was unable to prevent the party from getting out of control. After midnight on the night of the party,  The owner sustained property damage as well, including having his door kicked in.

 Orinda, California ( In the fall of 2019, an extreme and tragic example of an STR-party-gone-wrong happened in Orinda, California, a suburb of San Francisco. There, a renter misrepresented to the property owner that she had a large family, some of whom suffered from asthma, that needed a place to stay  would be allowed on the premises. But on Halloween weekend, over 100 people descended on the home. In the

Read more about STRs & HOAs on WSCAI’s website: associations-do-about-vacation-rentals/

16 Community Associations Journal | April 2020

 and wounding at least three more.

Strategies for Handling STRs

Parties and other nuisances can make STRs unwelcome in community associations, and much ink has been spilled discussing possible strategies for regulating or prohibiting STRs in condos and HOAs. The graphic to the right shares some strategies for handling STRs. The most straight-forward solution is to adopt a wholesale ban on STRs via an amendment to the association’s declaration. But many communities will not be able   Other communities may not want to ban STRs because of the 

  STRs to be licensed or registered, or limit the frequency with which an STR may be rented out. An association can report violations to local authorities and, if an association has a covenant requiring owners to follow applicable law, it   A community that allows STRs may still want to regulate the extreme use or abuse that often accompanies them, and laws regulating STRs likely do not address the behavior of the short-term guests.

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