President’s Message Troy Brogdon, Chapter President

How about those Mariners?! Traditionally not a baseball fan, but this year I’m going to go to a few more games. . . . Bet you didn’t know that I am not much of a baseball fan (the game is just a little long and there are 162 games!) One other thing you probably didn’t know about me: I like history.

Primarily US history, but any history will do in a pinch.

The idea of expanding our reach and the many educational offerings of WSCAI got me thinking about history, particularly the idea of Manifest Destiny. You probably remember this term from American History class in high school. The concept is simple: in the 1800’s Americans had the belief that the United States, its pioneers, and settlers were destined to expand across North America. An excerpt from Kathrine Lee Bates’ poem, Pikes Peak, “From sea to shining sea!” This poem went on to become the song we all recognize as America the Beautiful and declares the completion of Manifest Destiny. Now I am not saying we need to take over the world or associate ourselves with any of the negative connotations that may be associated with the term. All I’m saying is that the premise of an irresistible destiny to accomplish an essential duty is something that can inspire us as an organization. After all, we’re a chapter which occupies an entire state. Many states, like Florida, California, and even Oregon now have multiple chapters within their respective states. I feel that we have a duty to our state to provide WSCAI’s services in every corner. It probably sounds like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I think this mission is critical to the continued success and growth of our chapter. As I’ve said before, if you know someone in the HOA or COA community or industry outside of the I-5 corridor that you think would benefit from WSCAI and could also provide leadership in those areas, send them our way. If you, yourself, are that person; reach out to the WSCAI Office and we’ll get you involved. Growing this chapter must be an irresistible destiny to accomplish and with each other I am sure that it is possible.

This month’s Journal articles are diverse. We’ve got a smattering of Special Assessments, How to Write an Effective Survey, Air Sealing your Multi-Family Property, and even part 3 of our HOA specific article series, plus more all served up on a toasted sesame seed bun topped with pickles and onions.

As for events, we had a ton of them in March: Law Day South, Chapter Luncheon, New Member Orientation, Chapter Mixer at Wilde Rover in Kirkland, M-100 and M-330 courses, and a Saturday Seminar! This month isn’t quite as busy, but there’s still plenty on the calendar. We’ve got our 7th Annual Earth Day Project on Tuesday April 18 and Law Day Lynnwood on Saturday, April 29. Visit for additional event information.

Speaking of the WSCAI website, we rolled out an option for our membership to advertise on our website. If you’re interested, have a question, or a suggestion, shoot an email to Michelle Leary –


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