continued from page 21 Introducing the LAC Volunteers Co-Chair:

Theresa Torgesen, Esq. Sound Legal Partners, PLLC

Theresa is an attorney assisting community associations as general counsel since 2007. Before joining the LAC, she worked on a committee of attorneys who drafted uniform legislation for community associations in Washington. When the committee finished, she wanted to continue her involvement in legislation reform; she believed the LAC was a great opportunity to collaborate with others who share that same interest.

Theresa joined in 2015 and believes that the LAC is essential to educating legislators and the courts about how their decisions impact community associations. She grew up with 5 siblings and believes that her childhood prepared her for helping Boards and managers with the problems they face.


Beth Schwartz, CMCA, AMS Homeowner

Beth began her career in construction management, then spent two decades in real estate. She became an owner and then board member in both an HOA and COA, and migrated into Association Management

Beth has been a LAC member since 2007. She became a volunteer because, as a new homeowner, she wanted to understand the laws better and help ensure continued consumer protection of ownership in community associations.

Beth’s favorite sport is paragliding.

Michael Brandt, Esq. Brandt Law Group

Michael has been practicing real estate law for 25 years, including a mostly concentrated focus on condominium and homeowner’s association law. Michael started volunteering on the LAC over the last decade in order to protect his constituent associations, as well as to help set policy in this area of law.

Michael loves the great outdoors and spent a night sleeping in a snow cave that he dug in the Paradise Area of Mt. Rainier.

John Brown, CMCA, AMS Emerald Management & Consulting, LLC

John has 18 years of experience in the real estate industry and condominium management; including management of high rise and large scale communities. In 2013, along with three partners, he formed Emerald Management & Consulting, LLC.

John joined the LAC because he wanted to give something back to his industry by volunteering. When he joined the LAC, a major topic of discussion had to do with the licensing of community association managers which was a topic close to him and one to which he felt he could contribute.

John wanted to highlight his status as an amateur bowler, if you want to check out his game . . . attend one of the WSCAI Bowling for LAC events.

Nancy Cannan, CIRMS Horizon Crest Community Association

Professionally, Nancy spent 40 years in the insurance industry and the last 23 years were spent exclusively working with community associations. She has been an active member of CAI since 1984 and is involved with the local chapter and as a member of CAI’s National Faculty.

As a homeowner in a community association, one desires to protect and enhance an important financial asset. Joining the LAC last fall has given her an opportunity to explore a different aspect of the community association world.

Retirement has provided the opportunity to travel and spend more time with family.

Amy Clements, CIRMS, ARM Community Association Underwriters

Amy started her insurance career in 1991, working with a wide variety of clients. In 2005, she joined Community Association Underwriters (CAU) and is currently the Marketing Manager in the Bellevue office assisting community associations with their insurance needs. Amy is a new, and wonderful, addition to the LAC, joining in January.

Amy caught her first wave (surfing) last fall and is looking forward to improving her skills again soon. Aloha!

Mike Fulbright, Esq. Law Office of Michael Fulbright

Michael is a University of Washington School of Law Graduate. He has many years of experience as both a private real estate attorney and as a senior executive of a national real estate company. Fulbright’s legal practice currently focuses on condominium and homeowner associations.

Mike decided to join the LAC in 2011 because he wanted to contribute to the industry he now focuses on. Instead of just complaining about bad laws, he wanted to make them better.

Mike is a big jazz fan. Jens Johanson J2 Building Consultants, Inc.

Jens has worked in the construction industry for over 27 years, with a focus on the building envelope for over 17 years. His professional experience encompasses all facets of the industry from hands-on trade work, estimating and project management, building envelope design, construction management, construction defect analysis,

real estate services, and expert witness testimony.

Shelley Murray, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Emerald Management & Consulting

Shelley began working in Real Estate in 1988, then fell into this industry in 2004 and started her own small management business. She started working at Emerald Management this last May. She is an outstanding asset to the LAC with over a decade of service to the Committee, continuing to strive to be at the forefront of change in this industry.

Shelley is a Harley riding grandma of four! 22 Community Associations Journal | April 2017 Community Ass sociations Journ nal | Apr p iil 2017

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