Chiropractic Techniques When I first arrived in Washington State to take my state board exam, I was forewarned that if the examiner asked for what was obviously an upper cervical technique, that I should immediately get the patient set up for a toggle recoil. To not do so would result in my not getting a license in the state.

Philip Kriss, DC, President WSCA Board of Directors

At that time there was debate over “straight” vs. “mixer.” For some to adjust anything below C2 was mixing. To others, use of physiotherapy devices was mixing. What we can do by law in our state was written by our chiropractic ancestors to preserve the adjustment as the healthcare delivery portal for chiropractors, having already hashed out the straight vs. mixer debate.

Things changed over in a positive way to embrace others with differing techniques. After all, if they graduated from a chiropractic college, passed the national boards, passed the state examinations, they must be judged as proficient to render adjustments. Who then would say one technique is better than another?

That is up to the doctor to decide for themselves, based on their education and training, as to which technique is best. The patients and therefore the marketplace will dictate the effectiveness and success of their choice.

In the current state, if the education and training of the doctor matches the condition the patient’s diagnosis/analysis (subluxations), we have a right to treat. If not, we don’t. At the same time, if a differing health professional does not have the education and training, they can’t treat patients for subluxations.

So, let’s abandon the squabble over what technique may be better or worse, but remember our fight is not with each other, but against things like opioid addictions, unnecessary surgeries and other factors that interfere with us helping as many people as we can.

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