Chiropractic Techniques

was gone, the bruising was minimal and both the patient and I were pleased with the outcome. I have included the pre- and post-treatment photos of this case with the patient’s permission.

Above: Before Laser 12/19/2018 Right: After Laser 01/02/2019

fossa unsuccessfully and punctured through the vein, so they moved to the left arm with the same result. Eventually an I.V. was put in the hand. The patient came to my office the following Monday for an adjustment. Both of her antecubital fossa’s are black and blue the size of a large plum. I decided to laser the right arm to see if there is any difference in the healing rate between arms. When she returned three days later her right arm bruising was completely gone but her left arm looked unchanged. The patient then adamantly requested that I laser the left arm.

4. 65-year-old retired grocer, long time patient, was standing on a ladder and falls 8-10 feet and landed on a concrete wall across his lower back and right

side. He went to his medical doctor, they took x-rays, and fortunately nothing was broken. He came to my office the same day as the fall and shows me the bruise before any treatment. I palpated over the spine and the inflammation was literally an inch and a half thick. It was the worst bruise I have ever seen. I told him “no way am I adjusting you, but let’s use the Cold Laser over the area.” The patient received one session that day. The patient followed up with his MD two days later, was completely pain free and the doctor could not believe how fast the swelling and bruising went down. The MD inquired what he had done for this and the patient explained Cold Laser Therapy. 14 days after the first laser session the patient returned for his second laser session and the palpable swelling

In practice, I use the laser for pain, headaches, inflammation, bruising, infections, diabetic neuropathy and a whole host of other conditions and I am constantly amazed of the outcomes. I could share many, many cases that have responded to Cold Laser when they would not respond to any other forms of treatment. Cold Laser does not take away from the beauty of chiropractic, it is just another tool we have in the toolbox to serve people. These are just a few cases that come to mind as I sit here enjoying a cup of hot tea.

My passion for chiropractic is deeper than just a career, it is a lifestyle. After 27 years of clinical practice I love our profession more today than when I started in 1993 and I pray the young doctors just beginning practice will continue to carry the torch to even greater heights.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

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