Low Level Laser Therapy (aka Cold Laser)

David A. Camp BS, DC

If you have been in practice for any length of time you undoubtedly have realized that not all products and services live up to the promises and hype depicted in the beautiful high gloss brochures, or the polished sales pitch by the representative. I believe the intention may be honorable but there may be a deficiency in clinical substance. As chiropractors we are constantly inundated with “stuff” that can “revolutionize our practice” or provide our patients with “miracle cures” and we become skeptical and maybe even cynical about trying new things. Having said that, this is in no way an endorsement or sales pitch; so you can put your mind at ease and lower your guard for just a few moments and enjoy a nice easy read. I simply want to share my clinical experiences with you concerning the use of Cold Laser Therapy but not bore you with the minutia of the technical data or research on how the laser works.

My intentions when I started practice was to build a large, high volume, subluxation- based practice focused on wellness and family care and the chiropractic adjustment was the treatment patients received. I did

not do any ancillary treatments for nearly 10 years.

Around 2005 I attended a whiplash course put on by a prominent DC who introduced research on Cold Laser Therapy for reducing pain and inflammation and to aid in tissue repair. I was skeptical and hesitant but purchased an Erchonia laser and began using it for different conditions on my patients. I didn’t really expect the laser to do anything significant to improve my patients, but I was wrong.

Let me share several cases just off the top of my head, although anecdotal, still clinically significant.

1. 36-year-old male mechanic with full blown pneumonia, constant cough with difficulty breathing; he missed five consecutive days of work and was expected to be off for two weeks. His wife convinced him to come in for Cold laser. I followed the laser protocol and when the patient left my office after his first laser treatment he could breathe unrestricted, no cough, and felt so well he returned to work

the next day and did not miss anymore work from the pneumonia.

2. 62-year-old female with a history of right-sided pre-motor cortex cancer. The cancer removal left the patient completely unable to move the left upper and lower extremity for two years. She walked with a walker or cane and could no longer ride her bike. She traveled three hours one way to receive treatment in my office. Both chiropractic and laser were used and within three months she has regained function to the point she can ride her bike and exercise again, although she has some residual left sided weakness. Incidentally, this patient bought a cold laser and began using it everyday over her brain, neck, and extremities and when her Neurologist performed a new imaging study informed her that he can’t believe it, but she has regrown the area of her brain that was removed when they took the cancer out.

3. 33-year-old female nurse went to the emergency room on a Saturday for a severe sinus migraine. The attending nurse attempted an I.V. in the right antecubital

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