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manually, or with using mechanical force, manually assisted instrument adjusting techniques, such as the Activator Method chiropractic technique.

In my office I utilize the Activator protocol for Cranial Adjusting. It must be noted that this protocol is based solely on clinical observations of Activator trained doctors since the early 1970’s. There are no randomized controlled trials to date to verify this protocol. But clinical observations show some results that are worth considering. I will discuss the highlights of Cranial Adjusting using the Activator Method. However, training at an Activator seminar or through Activator Institute Virtual Training online is recommended for a full understanding of how to perform the cranial adjustments.

As with any technique or procedure it is important to obtain a thorough history of each patient. An important component of the history would include any clinical “Red Flags” that could constitute an emergent medical condition requiring referral to, and examination by, an appropriate medical

doctor. These “Red Flags” may include any of the following:

• Headaches that worsen • Seizures

• Focal neurologic signs • Drowsiness • Slurred speech • Can’t recognize people or places • Increasing confusion or irritability • Weakness or numbness in arms or legs • Neck pain

• Unusual behavioral changes • Significant irritability

Clinical presentations of patients that could indicate cranial involvement may include complaints such as sinus congestion, headaches, dizziness, balance disturbances, instability of the cervical spine, attention span problems, head injuries and temporomandibular disorders. Co-management of these conditions is an important consideration in patient care.

Temporal Bone Adjustment

Temporal Bone on Patient 14 www .chir ohealth.or g

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