The Water Cooler: Tips for New DCs

“Seriously, Bob why should I even go to conferences? I can find cheaper CEs online”

Robert Perkes, DC

Sadly, this month’s question came from one of my friends. I was calling to make sure he would be at conference and to schedule his yearly golf beating. His question really got me thinking. Why do I go every year? What am I getting out of this?


Conference is a great way to make connections. We all get the same question from our patients. The location changes but the question stays the same. “I’m moving to Puyallup do you know anyone good there?” “My sister just got in a wreck and needs someone in Yakima, any recommendations?”

My mind races . . . “Is that near?” . . . “Where was Sarah at now?” This is quickly followed by 10 minutes of googling, reading names and perusing websites.

At conference we can meet DCs that serve every corner of Washington. When you go to conference and the next time someone asks you if you know someone . . . you will.

CONTINUING EDUCATION With a varied mix of speakers and topics, conference allows you to get a taste for different ideas and philosophies without having to invest the time and money for a deep dive.

A more well rounded knowledge of chiropractic ideas and philosophies will better help you to talk to patients and give better advice. That idea we may think is “stupid” or “a waste of money” just might sound reasonable when we understand it.

Worst case scenario you can always bug out and move next door. At conference there is something new behind every door.


The game is always changing. The insurance companies don’t want to play nice. The lawmakers undermine us. It is impossible to keep up with everything on your own and still run your practice.

At the WSCA conference, you can hear the most up to date information. Knowledge is key to being able to plan and not just react to changes. Your practice will be prepared for the denials and changes before you get six weeks of denials.

These are just a few of the reasons I attend conference and why you should too.

Early bird registration for the 2020 conference will open on January 1. Sign up then to lock in the lowest prices!

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