In GoodCompany: Lora Zumwalt, CPA Bright, Clean, High

Quality Accounting Standing in front of a long row of various drink dispensers at a QuikTrip (QT) store in

Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lora Zumwalt, CPA, a member for 23 years, will tell you there isn’t much you can’t get here.

From your traditional clean bathrooms and a safe place to take a break from the road, QT has so much to offer: as many fountain drink possibilities as one could think of, hotdogs, frozen yogurt, nachos, pizzas and rows of chips, candies, cookies and other snacks. Recently, QT added QT Kitchens at some locations, where you can select fresh food and customize your order (editor’s recommendation: breakfast burrito). Further, the business is in the process of launching made-to-order sub sandwich counters. All of these amenities are available at what is arguably the most popular road-trip stop in the Midwestern, Southern and Southeastern U.S., especially its home base: Tulsa.

CPAFOCUS: What do you love about your job? Zumwalt: I’m the vice president and controller. I’ve worked here 17 years and I’m responsible for the whole accounting umbrella. It keeps me on my toes; I enjoy the constant change. Tere’s never a dull moment here at QT. I have 140 folks in my department and with our “promote from within culture,” folks are constantly taking advantage of opportunities. It’s fulfilling to watch and help people grow and be successful in their careers. I enjoy being part of a successful company that contributes to our community. Tere

is only one thing I would change if I could. I would have liked to come work for QuikTrip sooner in my career. I have folks that work for me that have been here more than 35 years. It’s amazing to see that kind of dedication.

CPAFOCUS:What is your dream trip? Zumwalt: I’ve always wanted to visit Greece where I could cruise the Greek Isles. I would like to go there and see the beautiful country and experience the laid back culture. Te pictures look so beautiful and serene. My sister Rita has always wanted to go, too, so I’d take her because I’d like to take someone who would enjoy it as much as I would.

CPAFOCUS: If you could only pick three bands to listen to for a month, who would make the cut? Zumwalt: I’d listen to Chicago, Santana and Led Zeppelin. You can obviously tell what era I’m from—oldies but goodies. Tose are the groups I listened to in my early 20s, and I still enjoy them.

CPAFOCUS: Which emoji do you use constantly? Zumwalt: I’d have to say a smiling face. I like to project a good mood throughout the day no matter what’s going on. I think it’s important to stay positive and upbeat to set the mood for the rest of the department. Folks are here for a good chunk of the day and I want them to enjoy coming to work. We have a fun committee that I sponsor and we organize fun activities throughout the month… Our next activity is our annual outdoor barbeque lunch, including games that help with teamwork.




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