president of Cox Holsted & Associates PC in Oklahoma City. A member for 16 years, Cox is an OSCPA director at large and has previously served as chair of the Accounting Careers Committee. “Tere are many cases where they only hear one side of how the legislation may impact their constituents and that may be from a paid lobbyist who does not have the majority of the public’s interest at heart. It is especially important that we as CPA’s use our expertise to give impartial advice on fiscal policy. Who knows better than a CPA how a piece of legislation will impact our citizens when it comes to tax and business matters?” Some members who attended wanted to specifically represent the CPA profession. “All citizens should be involved with our

state government legislation process,” said Matthew Taylor, CPA, a controller with ImageNet Consulting in Oklahoma City. Taylor has been a member for one year and previously served on the Young Accounting Professionals Committee and is currently serving on the Members in Industry Committee. He added, “[You need] to have a voice with legislators. No one will advocate for us if we don't.” April Hubler, CPA, president of Collins and Associates, Inc. in Tulsa, said, “CPAs will have issues that arise and it’s too late to establish a relationship when one needs something. A member for 18 years, Hubler

added, “We need to be there and address problems or issues before they arise. I want to protect my CPA license, but I also want a strong state in which I serve.” Other members agreed there is an element of responsibility to protect the credential. Immediate Past Chairman of the

Board Jane Haskin, CPA, said, “First, we must protect the public. Ten we must protect against any legislation that might diminish the CPA credential. We also must be proactive in keeping the Oklahoma Accountancy Board properly funded and independent of the legislative process.” “It is important that CPAs be involved with legislative activities that affect them and their clients,” said Charlie Prater, CPA, a consultant with Assurance Resource Company in Edmond. “Tere have been recent proposals made that would affect licensure issues. Tese licensure issues still may arise in the next legislative session. CPAs need to be ever vigilant about their profession and any proposed legislative that could weaken it. CPAs should also be aware of any proposed financial-related legislation that could adversely affect their clientele and Oklahomans in general.” Prater, who has been a member for 43 years and is currently serving on the Members in Industry Committee, added, “We should speak up about concerns we may have and

also offer constructive solutions and ideas.” Peterson said, “We are looking to build off the success of this year’s CPA Day at the Capitol and create an even better experience next year.” For additional information about

getting involved, becoming an OSCPA Legislative Contact, joining the CPA/PAC or attending CPA Day at the Capitol, email

for these upcoming advocacy events:


November 28, 2019 

 

Mickey Dollens, District 93

February 2019 CPA Day at the Capitol

September/October 2018



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