Ryan Fogle is co-owner of Ride OKC and the architecture expert. 

You  forget

 

We’ve heard it hundreds of times. “It’s like riding a bike; you never forget.” Well, I did the leg work and it is true. A

   “Our waivers do add an element of security, as liability is something we

 with an insurance company to make sure we are covered in case of any  “Fortunately we have not had any accidents during our tours and we strive

  So what will accomplishment look like? “For us, success is centered around  

Go on tour. Ride OKC currently has three tours available: Art + Architecture, Bikes +

 Art + Architecture Tour: This tour gives riders insight into Oklahoma City            

Cookie Tour: When you take the Cookie Tour, you'll experience Oklahoma

City through its best chocolate chip cookies and the friendly faces who   you through some of the city's most unique districts, including Downtown,      

few weeks ago, I participated in a Ride OKC Cookie Tour, led by co-owner and OSCPA Young Accounting Professionals Chairman Ashley Cooper, CPA, and her partner (and new husband), Ryan Fogle. While the tour started off slow and shaky, by the end of it, I was zipping around corners and rolling with the pros. After donning a helmet and taking a practice

ride around the sidewalks, I was ready for my Ride OKC adventure. We made quite a few stops, seeing everything from the (reportedly haunted) Skirvin Hilton Hotel to having a sea salt vegan chocolate chip cookie that tasted like cookie dough! (Mmmm… cookie dough…) I received interesting insight into the I.M. Pei

overhaul of OKC and learned interesting bits of info on the history of the Colcord Hotel and its namesake. Tings were rolling along fine until… I was supposed to turn to cross the new

streetcar tracks at a 90-degree angle. We were advised about it in the pre-tour safety talk. I reminded myself before I crossed. I made it about 45 degrees and got my wheel stuck in the track. I fell, but, I was fine. I appreciate Ashley and Ryan for giving me the courage to get back on the bike. At that point, nothing was bruised except my ego. After a short walk, we took a quick ride to

the Skirvin. Te creepy stories made me want to do a deeper dive and possibly book a night to experience it for myself. From there we hopped over to a secluded, shady constructed seating area in the middle of a group of buildings, a small grassy oasis in the middle of the steel and glass of the city. Ten we took a small detour to the

Oklahoma City National Memorial. Ashley and Ryan take every tour group to the Memorial. Tey feel it is important to mention the healing Oklahoma City has experienced and to tell the story of the event that brought about the Oklahoma Standard.

 September/October 2018 CPAFOCUS 15

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