FOCUS on chairman’s message

Strategically planning the future of the OSCPA 

 the owner of Henry M.              


hallenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

I like running long distances, and the challenges it presents both physically and mentally. Running 50 miles or more in a single effort presents huge challenges to the body and to the mind. But when you finish and overcome, your body and soul will not be the same; they will have improved. Te challenges we as a Society need to

overcome in the next few years will also require supreme effort. Tey will be both physically and mentally arduous. But when we finish, we, too, will be a better version of ourselves. As a result of our 2018 strategic planning

session, we derived five task forces to look at five areas of how we can improve our Society and position it to be responsive to the needs of our members. Te five areas we will be focusing on are:

1. Governance – What changes do we need to make to our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Chapters and Committees so they are more representative of all our members? How can we better serve everyone’s needs?

2. Pipeline – How do we change so we can continue to attract students to the profession? How can we better recruit talent from an early start to a profession that has so much promise?

3. Membership – How do we modernize our membership and dues structures to reflect changing times and new finance models

that also includes people and professions that are also vital to our success without losing the relevance of the CPA license?

4. Learning – How do we develop learning and CPE so we are the provider of choice?

5. Advocacy – How do we enhance our ability to influence legislation and become the leading voice at the capitol in financial, budgeting and tax matters?

As I prepare this letter for the CPAFOCUS, the task forces are finalizing their deliverables to be presented to the OSCPA Board of Directors in July. I want all our members to provide input and ideas and have the opportunity to give their opinions. To that extent, I have asked the OSCPA staff to present the task force findings not only in the CPAFOCUS, but also in our social media platforms and online forum, Evolve. In running 50 miles, you must continuously

problem solve and come up with solutions that you may not have thought of before. As a Society, we will also need to problem solve and derive solutions—some of which will be challenging to accept. But as we tackle these challenges, let us not look simply at the challenge in front of us, but also the finish line we still cannot see.



July/August 2019

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