Cochran lauded as Outstanding CPA in Financial Planning

Stillwater’s Danny Cochran, CPA, PFS, CFP®, was honored with the Outstanding Member in Financial Planning Award from the OSCPA’s Personal Financial Planning Committee. Cochran is the founder and president of Danny Cochran, CPA, PC, which has its corporate office in Stillwater and additional offices in Shawnee, Guthrie and Oklahoma City.

Cochran has been a member of the OSCPA for 43 years and, during that time, has made a significant impact on his field. In addition to being a CPA, he’s also earned the Personal Financial Specialist credential from the American Institute of CPAs, the Certified Senior Advisor credential and the Certified Financial Planning credential. Committed to ensuring long-range service and expertise for clients, Cochran has brought in qualified advisors for both the tax and financial services side of the practice. Cochran taught accounting and served on multiple community boards, but he readily admits his most rewarding service has been as the chapter director for the Oklahoma City Chapter of HD Vest. He was

the first Oklahoma City Chapter member to achieve Premier Advisor status with HD Vest, something he held for four consecutive years. He has achieved premier advisor status nine times out of 5,000 advisors nationwide with broker/dealer HD Vest and qualified for the HD Vest President’s Council. Additionally, the firm has earned Stillwater News Press Reader’s Choice awards many times in financial planning and accounting. On his professional leadership,

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Cochran accepts the Outstanding Member in Financial Planning Award.


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Cochran stated, “As CPAs and financial advisors, we have to walk the walk before we can talk the talk. Our clients are bombarded daily with negative news. I strive to be a positive influence to everyone I come into contact with and, hopefully, they are positive influences on those they come into contact with.”

The Outstanding Member in Financial Planning Award is sponsored by the OSCPA Personal Financial

Planning Committee. Every year, the award honors a member who has significantly contributed to the growth and enhancement of the CPA profession and to the success of his or her organization or a notable entrepreneurial achievement.

Gold and Silver Pen Award winners announced

The OSCPA Editorial Board awarded the 2019 Gold Pen Award to Dr. Beth Stetson, CPA, a professor at the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business, Aubree Walton, CPA, a professor at Cameron University and Kaimee Tankersley, CPA, a professor at the John T. Steed School of Accounting at the University of Oklahoma. for their article in the September/October 2018 issue of CPAFOCUS entitled, “How Certain is Accountant-Client Privilege?” which explains accountant-client privilege laws on both state and federal levels. Carla Meyer, CPA, a controller at Mental Health Association of Oklahoma in Tulsa, was awarded the 2019 Silver Pen Award for her article, “Technology Constantly Changes but Our Ethics Shouldn’t.” The article evaluates how quickly technology changes and the impact it plays on ethics. It appeared in the July/ August 2018 issue of CPAFOCUS. To select this year’s winners, each member of the Editorial Board chose one outstanding article per issue,

Tankersley, right, accepts the Gold Pen Award on behalf of her fellow writers.

Meyer, left, wins the Silver Pen Award.

beginning with the May/June 2018 issue and concluding nominations with the March/April 2019 issue. Articles were selected based on readability, content, technical appeal and relevance. They were independently scored by each Editorial Board member and the winners were selected from cumulative scores.

July/August 2019 CPAFOCUS 11

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