and rules. Tompson credits the MBA Target Banker program for helping him to have a better understanding of the legislative process.

Terry Thompson, State Representative-Elect TERRY THOMPSON

Education has been a cornerstone throughout Terry Tompson’s life. In 1980, he joined a small bank holding company aſter selling his printing business. Tompson learned about the industry while he was an intern at the bank and attended college to pursue a finance degree. When Tompson retired in July 2020, he was the market president for Equity Bank in Higginsville.

“I have been fortunate and blessed to have good mentors in my career and have been given tremendous opportunities,” Tompson said.

An opportunity presented itself to Tompson once again when term limits


created an open seat in Missouri House District 53. Tompson knew he would be retiring from banking, but he wanted to continue working with people. So, he threw his hat into the ring.

“I saw an opportunity, and believed I was well-qualified with my education and experience to represent my district,” Tompson said.

All of Tompson’s campaign ads stressed his education and 40 years of banking experience. Voters in the district responded, electing Tompson to represent them in the Missouri House of Representatives. Humbled by the win, Tompson “pledges to work hard each and every day to ensure their values are represented.”

To accomplish this, Tompson has outlined three goals as he begins his first term in office. Te first is to listen and learn. Te second is working to represent the needs of House District 53. Te third is to grow from the first two goals.

“To have an impact in Jefferson City, you need to listen to everyone,” Tompson said.

During freshman orientation in Jefferson City, Tompson met with other incoming state representatives. He said the group had several good discussions, including the importance of working across party lines.

Te orientation also outlined House procedures

“Good communication about bills is so important because there’s so much information out there, and we as bankers rely on MBA staff to inform us about the legislation.” Thompson said.

Tompson invites all bankers to reach out to him or contact their own state representatives about an issue.

“Te more bankers are involved with Target Bankers, the better off we are as an industry,” he said.

Tompson said all bankers should know who represents them and their communities in both the Missouri House and Missouri Senate. In addition, bankers should communicate the positives and voice their concerns with lawmakers.

“Banks are strong drivers for economies in all communities,” Tompson said. “We are the backbone of our economy.”

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