cat, horse or any other pet… the look in their eyes when they see you makes the whole world complete!

February is the month of Love! H


appy Valentine’s Day from Yavapai Humane Society!

What’s better than the uncondition- al love of a pet? Whether it’s a dog,

check the fence line for unsafe areas and watch for sharp or harmful objects and poisonous foods or plants.

Google defines unconditional love like this: Un- conditional love is to say that a person loves someone unselfishly, that he or she cares about the happiness of the other person and will do anything to help that person feel happiness without expecting anything in return. In other words, the definition of unconditional love is “love without conditions.” Well, I think if we just replace the word “person” with “animal” that makes it just about the perfect definition!

Our pets show us unconditional love and in return, we do whatever we can to take care of them and make sure that they are happy, healthy and loved in return. A few ways to help keep your horse healthy are to:

1. Minimize stress… let them be a horse, hang out and do what horses like to do.

2. Schedule an annual exam with their vet. Just like humans we all need to have that check- up to make sure everything is working proper- ly and that vaccinations are up to date. Dental care is important for horses too, so make sure your horse’s teeth are filed regularly. Your vet can also keep an eye on their mouth and gums at the same time.

3. Feed them quality food. Resist the urge to go cheaper on food as the healthier they eat, the healthier they are! Remember to watch their weight and keep them at a weight that is right for their body type.

4. Your horse is standing and walking around most of the time, so make sure that you take care of your horse’s hooves. As with food, this isn’t an area that you want to go skimp on.

5. Just like every other animal (and human) ex- ercise is critically important to staying healthy. Let them out to run around and move their legs which is also helping stimulate their digestive system, keeping circulation good and it’s also going to help with their attitude.

6. Give them time to be social. They crave companionship and by being with other horses they learn appropriate behavior and gain social skills. They also need to be provided with men- tal stimulation to avoid boredom and ultimate- ly, unhappiness.

7. Make sure they are provided with a safe en- vironment. Keep an eye on their stall or pen,


8. Know your horse and follow your gut if you think something is wrong. If your horses tem- perament or appetite changes it could mean something is wrong inside. They might be trying to tell you in their own way that they don’t feel good, so if you think something is wrong better to be safe than sorry… have them checked out.

Yavapai Humane Society’s Equine Center, locat- ed in Chino Valley, thrives itself on the health and welfare of all our horses that we have on property available for adoption. We have staff and volunteers who work with the horses every day to make sure that they are healthy, eating well, getting exercise and safe so that we can find them their perfect home.

Whether you’re looking for unconditional love

with a horse, dog or cat… Yavapai Humane So- ciety has a wide variety of amazing animals for you to choose from. Our dog and cat adoptions are available at our main campus located at 1625 Sundog Ranch Road in Prescott. We are open Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 5:30pm and Saturday & Sunday’s from 11:30am to 4:30pm. Horse adoptions are available by ap- pointment at the Equine Center located at 3731 North Road 1 West in Chino Valley. Please call 928-515-4947 to schedule a time to come out to see any of the horses available.

I recently read a beautiful saying, “Horses carry the wisdom of healing in their hearts and offer it to any humans who possess the humility to listen.” Anyone who has ever spent any time with a horse knows the unique gift they give us by just looking in their eyes. We hope that your Valentines Day (and every day) is filled with unconditional love from whatever kind of pet you have and that you return that love to them unconditionally.

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