Bio Identical Hormone Therapy


that our sex hormones are not as effective as when we are younger. Below we discuss a popular & safe method of hormone replacement therapy that has gained significant attention recently for variety of reasons:

H What Are Hormone Pellets?

Pellets are tiny, custom-compounded therapies for symptoms that stem from hormonal imbalances and hormone deficiencies. . This ap- proach to hormone therapy keeps levels consistent throughout the day and avoids the roller coaster-like effects from orally- or topical- ly-administered hormones. The pellet therapy utilizes bio identical hormones are similar to those found in the human body. Studies have shown that bio identi- cal hormones have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones and hormone secretion from inserted Pel- lets are cardiac output related and it assures steady consistent release in the body. Hormone pellets have been around since 1930’s but in the past decade they have been more available commercially and recog- nized as a popular treatment option especially in the past 3-5 years in US and abroad.

How is it administered and how often?

Pellets are inserted under skin via a very minor in-of- fice procedure that takes less than 10 minutes. Once pellets are inserted it takes about 3-5 days to reach sufficient levels in the body. If patients are on any form of hormone replacement treatments they are instructed to continue their medication for 3-5 days until the pellets have reached their sufficient levels in blood. These pellets are consisted of Testosterone and Estradiol mainly. They are made in specialized com- pounded pharmacies that have specific FDA regula- tion and directly delivered to the clinics. These pellets are soy based and %100 natural and identical to the sex hormones that we all have in our bodies. For fe- males they are inserted every 3-4 months. Female pa- tients are also instructed to take progesterone orally to protect their uterus.

In male patients main therapy pellet is with Testoster- one and it is inserted every 6 months.

Benefits of Hormone Pellets:

There are numerous benefits that patients will re- ceive from replenishing the sex hormones that they are lacking. Some of the benefits include improving fatigue and lack of energy. Hormones help to ele- vate mood and fight depression Pellets also improve insomnia and hormone therapy is also proven to in- crease bone density mass %8.3 per year and thus can

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ormone replacement therapy has been an effective meth- od in many postmenopausal women and aging men. As we age our body loses ability to produce sufficient amounts of Sex hormones such as Testosterone, Estrogen and Proges- terone. In addition aging bodies go through certain changes

be used as an alternative treatment option for osteoporosis and osteo- penia. Other benefits includes increased libido and improving erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and stamina.

Side Effects:

Side effects; some patient experience transient breast tenderness or pelvic cramps that usually just takes less than a week after Pellet inser- tion and with the use of supplements that enhance the function of the hormones in your body, most patients do not experience any other side effect. The hormone pellet therapy has not shown any increase in rate of breast, uterine of prostate cancer. The insertion site for pellets are rather very small and risk of infection or adverse events is very minor with proper techniques.

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