“Get Me through the Night”Mark Mackay by MIRIAM LUCERO

I’m originally from California, northern first near San Francisco and then Los Angeles. I grew up jamming on a guitar playing blues and taking clas- sical piano lessons. When I started writing songs, it became obvious country was my favorite genre and what came out naturally.


You have a large fan base following in the southwest, and have recently relocated to Nashville, TN. How is the transition going? What are you learning about your music? What style of Country Music genre do you fall into?

The southwest is where it all started for me, so I love coming back there and seeing ev- eryone. We played so many venues in Arizona, New Mexico, So Cal, Denver… you name it! Nashville is my favorite city in the world though, first time I went there I just knew I had to be there. So much creativity!! I’m learning that collaborating is a beautiful thing… that’s prob- ably something I didn’t do enough of when I was on the road every minute of the day. But cowriting and working with different producers and players etc. has been a really fun drill this year! As for my music, I would classify it as country rock. Lots of guitars and energy!!

I like your new song “Get Me through the Night”, with the first part, counting on the radio, to get me through the night. (I like the hook) Share with our readers the backstory, and how you brought traditional country singers songs into the song?

That song was really really easy to write, to be honest. Just as simple of a song for me as I can imagine… that’s all I’ve ever done my entire life: something goes wrong, or right, or the girl leaves, or the new girl appears… whatever it is… I get in the truck and get on the road and listen to country music. It’s like the songs always naturally speak right to you. Funny story since you mentioned me bringing up George Jones and Willie and Tammy in the song- when I was really little we were on a family vacation to Yosemite and my parents put in a cassette tape of the top 100 classic country songs of all time. That’s how I discovered all those great artists and songs, Glen Campbell too! So that’s why they’re in there.

It Always Rains in Portland, has a very nice acoustic part to it. I almost hear Neil Young, and Jim Morrison sound and songwriting style from you. Tell our readers about your music influences?

What I do most of my free time is pick up an acoustic guitar and start fingerpicking. So

with It Always Rains in Portland, that started with a guitar picking pattern and then telling a story on top of it. Jim Morrison… I’ve never heard that but I love that! Neil Young for sure… Jackson Browne is also a hero in this style. I just think a great song that you get lost in the story over an acoustic guitar is the greatest gift music can give.

Listening to your music, I hear a lot of inflec- tions of different genres of music. Not to men- tion you’re an incredible musician. Have you thought about recording a contemporary triple AAA format album? Any favorite artists you’d like to record with?

I haven’t but I will say this… I’ve had lots of thoughts of doing an entire ‘album’ or collection of acoustic songs like Always Rains in Portland. The production is simple and honest and I think there are listeners out there who love music like that… you’re seeing a huge surge of other artists in this style and I think it’s great. I want to collaborate with some of my he- roes for sure… I think it would be great to do a duet with guys like Jackson Browne or Vince Gill and sort of be the “young” voice that still compliments the roots they’ve set down.

What is on the horizon for Mark Mackay? Keep us posted when in Arizona?

I was just telling a silver jewelry maker last night who’s making me some necklaces to stick to that southwest style because I’m going to get back to Arizona and Santa Fe next year and I want to wear them! So 2020 will be filled with touring the country and playing all these new songs and new creations for folks…and I will for sure keep you posted when in Arizona. I have a cactus and some memories of AZ tattooed on my arm…but we can save that story for another time!


ark Mackay, Country Recording Artist. Would you share your mu- sical background, and where you hail from?

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