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Martina has ridden horses her entire life competing in 3-day Eventing, Barrel Racing, and Gymkhana events. Even though her family did not own cattle, Martina was at every family and neighbor ranch branding she could attend. Throughout high school, she was highly involved in the Future Farm- ers of America and sill helps at FFA events as a lifetime alumni member.

You both are a part of the songwriting community in Nashville, TN. Joe, you have a couple of songs picked up by other artists, care to share on that? How has that experience helped in your music? Tell our readers about Pink Flamingo?

Writing songs is a real huge passion for me whether it’s for Joe and Mar- tina or another artist and I’ve been super fortunate to have a few out- side cuts. My biggest achievement as a writer is a song I wrote on Luke Combs’ debut album. The song is called “Don’t Tempt Me.”

I think writing songs for other people and with other people has really opened my mind up to new ideas and styles of music.

Pink Flamingo is a straight up fun, country drinkin’ song. I wrote it with my friends Lisa Daye and Molly Bowers. We didn’t take ourselves too se- riously while writing it and I think that’s what made it so infectiously fun! Martina also sings the heck outta it!

I’ve Been Around, your latest release and video, appears to capture a lot about your relationship. Martina the video looks great, with you on a horse, doing what comes naturally to you. Would you share more on I’ve Been Around? Martina, where is the video filmed?

Thank you! This song absolutely tells the story of our relationship. It shares the details of who we were before we met and how life changed for the better when our paths came together. The music video was filmed on a friend’s cattle ranch in Springfield, TN. We really wanted to show- case the working ranch lifestyle, without making it into a John Wayne western - haha! (And boy do we love John Wayne, so it was tough!) The love of horses, agriculture, and country music is what we are truly made of as a duo.

What lies ahead for 2020 for Joe & Martina?

We are constantly working on new material. Whether it’s the next single we plan to release, new social media content, or new venues to play. 2019 was all about growth for us. Well, I guess the last 10 years have been. Our foundation is stronger than it has ever been and we are excited to move forward in 2020 with nothing but the best for OUR FANS! Craig Campbell Tim Hurley

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