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March/April 2017

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EMSSI is the whole industry coming together and creating these guidelines so that it’s not all put on the back of any one of our memberships. It’s not the show managers, it’s not the service

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providers, it’s not the convention centers, it’s all of us, collectively. – Brad Mayne, CFE, IAVM President & CEO


Working Toward Reform In China’s Exhibition & Meeting Industry P14

Cyber Security P18

One Member, One Vote Is One Important Decision P26

Member Memories of The Greatest Show On Earth P28

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he EMSS ce tificert c on is set to be launched in ear y Augu

The EMSSI certification et t bto be la nched early August at IAV Ve ueen eConnect 0

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early August at IAVMAVM’s VenueConnCon ec 2017


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organi at o s. nizations.

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