CEO Into the Unknown

DISNEY FANS OUT THERE MAY RECOGNIZE THE TITLE of my column in this edition, which borrows a line from a song sung by Elsa in Frozen 2. Every time I hear my daughter play the song, it makes me think of where we are today…we’re in the unknown. This is my 25th year working in associations and I have not hosted or even attended an in-person event in nearly six months, a record amount of time for those 25 years. And now, after the GIE/OPEI LLC made the wise decision to postpone the GIE+EXPO this year, we will not be gathering in person until January 2021, at the earliest. So, when I say we’re in the unknown, for an association we really are there.

But, venturing into the un- known has its positives. We are not confined by old challenges, and we have the freedom to create new things. Which is precisely what the NALP team did when they created our new “On Tour” series. Part facility tour, part Q&A session, all from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone. I want to thank both Krisjan Berzins and Jeff Rossen for allowing us to learn more about their businesses and giving us a “peek under the hood” as to how they keep those businesses running at an extremely high level. As for our LANDSCAPES event that coincides with GIE+- EXPO, we’re excited to present this in an entirely new, virtual format. At the writing of this article, we are still designing the event and we look forward to revealing all of the details. I feel confident in saying that you are going to be very excited about what we have to offer, because we are following the advice hundreds of you gave us by par- ticipating in the survey that we launched immediately after the GIE+EXPO cancellation was announced. The survey focused on what you want from a virtual event, so we can make it the best experience possible for you

and your teams. The information you provided has been incredi- bly helpful in shaping our plans In addition to the education and networking we will provide through our virtual LAND- SCAPES, we are taking another signature event virtual: our very popular Breakfast with Cham- pions. We will use Zoom rooms to host a series of interactive roundtable sessions with our Champions. Participants will have even greater access to the Champions as we plan to do these virtual events at least three times in the next nine months. Our goal is to provide our members with access to great information and network- ing, even when we all can’t be together in person. We firmly believe that in-per- son events will return. However, we will take advantage of the virtual opportunities we see and work to create new and differ- ent events to bring value to our NALP members. So, join us as we venture into this new unknown…I think you will like what we discover. Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy.

y y Britt Wood, CEO

6 The Landscape Professional //September/October 2020

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