BOARD OF DIRECTORS The new Board of Directors’ terms begin in late October. PRESIDENT Shayne Newman, LIC (YardApes of New Milford, Connecticut)

PRESIDENT-ELECT Bob Grover, LIC (Pacific Landscape Management of Hillsboro, Oregon)

SECRETARY/TREASURER Mike Bogan, LIC (LandCare of Frederick, Maryland)

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Andrew Ziehler, LIC (Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care of Centerville, Ohio)

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Bruce Allentuck, LIC (Allentuck Landscaping of Clarksburg, Maryland)

Pam Dooley (Plants Creative Landscapes of Decatur, Georgia)

Maurice Dowell, LIC (Dowco Enterprises Inc. of Chesterfield, Missouri)

Lisa Fiore (Landscape Hub of Chicago, Illinois)

Paul Fraynd, LIC (Sun Valley Landscaping of Omaha, Nebraska)

Ivan Giraldo (Clean Scapes, LP, of Austin, Texas)

Phil Key (Ruppert Landscape Laytonsville of Maryland)

Roscoe Klausing, LIC (Klausing Group of Lexington, Kentucky)

Joe Kujawa, (Kujawa Enterprises, Inc. of Oak Creek, Wisconsin)

Frank Mariani, LIC (Mariani Landscape of Lake Bluff, Illinois)

William MacMurdo (Bayer Crop Science of Cary, North Carolina)

Joe Munie, LIC (Munie Greencare Professionals Inc. of Caseyville, Illinois)

Tim Portland, LIC (Yellowstone Landscape of Charlotte, North Carolina)

Chris Senske (Senske Services of Kennewick, Washington)

Brandon Sheppard (Weed Man of Winchester, Virginia)

National Association of Landscape Professionals 25

PAM DOOLEY Dooley is the owner of Plants Creative Landscapes. Her company takes a thoughtful, creative approach to designing, building and maintaining unique, custom-tailored spaces. Dooley has worked in the landscape industry since she was 15, and her collegiate volleyball teammates nicknamed her “Plants.” She worked as a nursery manager and studied horticulture at the University of Georgia before founding Plants Creative in 2005. She has since grown the business from a single truck and a lawn mower to a team of 50 who provide award-winning landscape services in the Atlanta region. She says she is grateful for the

opportunity and humbled by the confidence of the Board in electing her. Dooley says she is excited to work alongside her friends and industry leaders in continuing to advance the professionalism of our industry. “I have a lot to learn about the Board and association, so gaining a greater understanding of these will be my first goal,” Dooley says. “I am passionate about people, culture, and outside-the-box solutions so I hope these 3 things will serve the NALP and our industry well!”

MAURICE DOWELL Dowell, LIC, founded Dowco Enterprises Inc., in 1981 as a part- time job while working for Sears Roebuck. That part-time position has turned into a thriving landscape maintenance firm where Maurice mentors a diverse cultural and ethnic team of professionals. In prior iterations of NALP, Dowell

has chaired the Awards and Member- ship committees. He is a Board mem- ber of his State Association, MoGia; he has been a Trailblazer since 2007. Maurice loves to travel and bike. Cycling fundraisers have taken him across the country, exploring and finding new friends. He helped start a men’s support group at his church and weekly gives back in a group setting. Maurice is proud of his two young people, both of whom have contributed to the business in their careers. A personal challenge he hopes to

achieve is expanding NALP’s reach through enhanced conversations with state and local associations, pillars of learning, vendors, and consultants. “I am acutely aware that my minori-

ty status sets a standard for equality and inclusion throughout NALP,” Dowell says. “One of my goals will be to encourage diversity in our committees, the starting point for growing an orga- nization that resembles its membership. Committee activity carves out higher visibility for these new leaders, and those new to the workforce can see involvement and leadership by ‘people that look like me.’”

IVAN GIRALDO With more than 30 years in the indus- try, Ivan Giraldo started his commercial experience at Clean Cut in Austin, Texas, and continued developing in the industry when Clean Cut merged with TruGreen, where he became branch manager with one of the more success- ful branches of TruGreen nationwide. 15 years ago, Giraldo co-founded Clean Scapes with Rex Gore, which is headquartered in Austin, but has branches in San Antonio and Dallas as well. In 2008, Clean Scapes was named the fastest growing company in central Texas and recently landed themselves at number 33 on the Lawn and Landscapes Top 100 list for 2020. Giraldo is a past Board Member

and director of the NHLA, graduate of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education: Scaling, EY Entre- preneur of the Year Recipient in 2017 for Central Texas, Board Member of Round Rock Area Serving Center, and a member of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He says it is an honor just to be considered and invited to be a Board Member. “My goal is to add value to what NALP already is doing for our industry,” Giraldo says. “I hope that with my point of view based on experience accumulated over the years I can help the association accomplish their goals.” TLP

Meet NALP’s Three New Board Members

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