NALP Holds Small 2020 Renewal & Remembrance Ceremony

By Jill Odom

“OUR INDUSTRY IS BUILT ON HARD WORK, GRIT AND determination, and we will not let a year go by without making a positive contribution to our beloved Arlington, even in the face of a pandemic,” said NALP President Andrew Ziehler during this year’s small ceremony. “Each year, we use our talents and resources to beautify these sacred grounds, hoping to enhance the comfort of those who are here visiting their fathers, their mothers, their children, their family, and their friends laid here to rest.”

Although the traditional Renewal and Remembrance event was not held this year because Arlington National Ceme- tery is closed to the public, with special permission and help from the team at ANC, the Renewal and Remembrance Committee planned a small event to honor our industry’s commitment to enhancing the grounds at ANC. With support from our partners at Caterpillar, Exmark/ Z Turf Equipment,

Gravely, John Deere, New Holland, SiteOne, and STIHL, we held a small ceremony in Section 81 (the newest area of the cemetery) and planted a Red Oak tree donated by Country Spring Wholesale Nursery. The tree symbolizes our continued commitment to our work at ANC. Visit the Renewal & Remembrance webpage to view the video. https://www.landscapepro- renewal_remembrance.aspx Ziehler and ANC Superintendent

Ray Alexander addressed the group which included past Renewal & Re- membrance chairs; Bruce Allentuck, Phil Fogarty, and Walter Wray; current Vice-Chair, Eric Gilbey; and current Chair, John Eggleston as well as NALP

CEO Britt Wood and the horticulture team at Arlington National Cemetery. In his speech, Ziehler acknowledged

how COVID-19 has drastically changed our lives and reflected on his past experiences at Renewal and Remem- brance. Over the past 24 years, NALP has served over 50,000 volunteer hours and over 1,000 children have partici- pated in the Children’s Program. 1,375 tons of lime has been applied to the turf and countless landscape, hardscape, ir- rigation and lightning protection projects have been completed. “I look forward to next summer when we can come together again to serve our country,” Ziehler said. “We will share the feelings of anticipation, awe, teamwork and accomplishment as we work alongside one another to do such meaningful work. We will wipe the sweat from our brows and share the stories of our experiences and how the day’s work impacted us.” The 25th Renewal & Remembrance will be held on Monday, July 19, 2021. TLP

22 The Landscape Professional //September/October 2020

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