Senior Product Manager – Ariens Co

We caught up with AriensCo Senior Product Manager Trae Humphreys to learn more about the benets of a stand-on commercial mower.

The market for stand-on commercial mowers connues to grow. What do you think aracts landscapers to stand-on machines?

A: Stand-on mowers, like the Gravely Pro-Stance, oer several benets to users. Their lower center of gravity makes them beer equipped to handle hills and they are easier to maneuver around bushes and retenon ponds, helping professional landscape contractors work eciently.

Are stand-on commercial mowers as comfortable for the user as a tradional zero-turn?

A: For many users, stand-on mowers are more comfortable than zero-turns. Isolators on the Pro- Stance’s plaorm reduce vibraon and increase comfort. Stand-on mowers are also easier on the operator’s back. When standing, the user’s feet and legs act as shock absorbers, taking strain in place of being in a seated posion.

You menoned increased eciency, how do stand-on mowers help commercial landscape professionals accomplish more in less me?

A: In addion to being easy to maneuver in ght spots and around landscaping, the convenience of the Pro-Stance is a big me-saver. Users can quickly hop on and o the machine to remove scks and debris. They’re quick and easy to get on and o the trailer and provide greater visibility than tradional mid-mount models so users can move freely throughout the yard.

Gravely has been in the stand-on business for several years, what’s new with the latest generaon Pro-Stance?

A: The Pro-Stance was completely redesigned for the 2020 model year. We reposioned the operator close to the machine’s center. This lowers the machine’s center of gravity and improves handling. Pro-Stance controls were updated to be more ergonomic, keeping the user’s arms in a comfortable posion for all-day use. The thumb release and vercal pin system makes for quick and easy cung height adjustments.

The Gravely Pro-Stance is available in deck sizes ranging from 32 to 60 inches and oers Kawasaki EFI engine opons. To learn more, visit

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