Here are some ideas on how

you can use these resources in the creation of your marketing campaign.

CREATE A DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN Even with the surge of digital media, direct mail is still a great way to reach your audience and promote your landscape services. You can increase the effectiveness of your campaign by incorporating it with a digital market- ing strategy. This allows you to move your prospect from offline to online to expand your marketing. To begin with, decide which market


he spring season is upon us and now is the per- fect time to plan and implement

a marketing campaign to promote your business and National Lawn Care Month, which takes place in April. NALP has done a great job in providing a gold mine of resources with the creation of the National Lawn Care Month Toolkit. Included is a logo, along with an extensive collection of materials to help you promote the benefits that landscaping provides. As a NALP member, you can access the toolkit at: www. landscapeprofessionals. org/lawncaremonth

you want to reach. Will you be mail- ing to your existing list of clients and prospects? Or do you want to reach a specific set of homeowners? If the latter is the case, I encourage you to consider EDDM, which is offered by the U.S. Postal Service and stands for Every Door Direct Mail. Postage rates are lower, which offers you affordable targeted advertising. You are able to target certain mail routes based on age, income or household size. We have had good success in our cam- paigns that we have developed for landscape professionals by targeting the list to reach households that meet our demographics for income. In this way, you are not wasting money by sending advertising to those who do not fit the demographic profile of your ideal client and who cannot afford your services. If you decide to do a traditional mailing, the postage cost will be higher than EDDM and will vary based on the

size of the postcard and mailing option you select, i.e. First Class, Standard (Bulk), Presorted, etc. Next, decide on the product or

service you want to promote. To be effective, make sure you have the following:


Choose a strong headline. This should clearly communicate one message that instantly lets the reader know what you are offering.


Use photographs of actual jobs that correspond with the services you promote. A

large photograph with impact is much more effective than several smaller photographs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to show everything you do. This will only confuse the viewer and cause them to tune out and toss out your postcard. The design of your card should be inviting and not look too much like an advertisement.


Design the postcard so that it is visually inviting and pleasant. If it looks like

just another advertisement, you will quickly lose your prospect’s attention. Clarity beats clutter. Use colors that are appealing and coordinate with your brand and with the photographs on the card.


Use compelling copy that speaks to your target audience. Inform the reader of the benefits your product or service provides. Instead of listing the features, focus on how this will




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