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h ac Continus

by: A. Jay Kessinger IV, DC, ND, DABCI, DACBN

n this ast paced hih tech orld o enhanced com- munication abilities, scientic understandin, and creature comortsecurity, e are youth drien and inspired. Vitality and enthusiasm trump apathy and neatiity hoeer, not all is ained rom a total innocent, youthul approach. Many pearls are lost to the sea o antiuity in the post inormation super-hihay.

There is such an oerhelmin amount o inormation to be ained than is already knon that the path o least resistance most commonly taken, is out ith the old in ith the ne. This is truly a disserice to humanity, orcin us to reinent the heel hilst e should be addin to hat e already kno orks, rather than takin aay rom, in our arroant eorts to make room or the most modern innoations.

There hae been so many adances in the treatment o to o the top killers o Americans, o late, that it appears ere on the riht track, yet this ollos an extended period o stanation and reression in the orthodox treatments o heart disease and cancer. n reality there is no stanation or reression, only proression in our cumulatie kno- lede o the etioloy and eectie treatments o the aorementioned in the natural realm.

eart disease is primarily an epithelial and nutritional condition exacerbated by inammation, inactiity, and malnutrition. This has been knon in an increasin extent or decades hoeer, the poer o the pen in adertisin has led us in many misleadin directions o oer simplication. Pharmaceutical interentions can be a double eded sord, dependin copiously on hether the treatment protocol is made by a trained proessional or by an eaer consumer ho has seen a ne dru on TV that he’d like to try or a condition that he may hae.

Cancer, on the other hand is, and has alays been, primarily a disease o aberrant liestyle and chronic lo leel inammation. Currently a common orm o lun cancer, or example, may kill you sloer than eer beore, as touted by teleised commercials, yet there hae been alternatie doctors successully treatin lun cancer reportedly or years throuh the inolement o holistic methods. This bein said,  am not o the opinion that there is a conspiracy to hide the cure o cancer or the purpose


o bi pharmas prot. The cure is not that simple nor is it uni-aceted, but old ashioned common sense can still play a bi part in the preention o cancerous occurrence and recurrence.

As a second eneration chiropractic internist, and 4th eneration chiropractic physician, ’e alays stried to nd out hat orks or me in my proision o natural health care.  study it, test it, and make sure it orks, then add to it and neer take aay rom hat has been proen throuhout my studies, to be eectie. Another protocol  ollo, throuh my on moral code as a proessional is, maintainin my humility e come to notice that eery time  et to thinkin hauhty o mysel, it isnt lon beore  nd that humble inredient o my success.

A line coined by Dr. R. Michael Cessna, alonside bein promoted by Dr. ack Kessiner one o the oundin athers o the ACA’s Council on Dianosis o nternal Disorders and my ather, the oriinal promoter and propaator o Dr. Cessna’s proram, respectiely, e strie to proide the ery best natural health care that science has to oer to all those e hae the priilee o serin. Bud Ohlsen, the ounder o The Key Company, presented Dad ith a plaue that states, The purpose o the Kessiner Chiropractic and Dianostic Centre is Sain ies, Extendin ies and mproin the uality o ie o the Patients e hae the Priilee o Serin. That enraed plaue is on humble, heartelt display in our aitin room. 



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