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by: Virginia Kessinger

hat happened to that oath, First, Do No arm There is alays time or heroics

n such a litiious society, it is shockin ho many meds are no suspect.  beliee there are more commercials or attorneys lookin or business rom the olks takin a ide ariety o ne medications than there are or the pills themseles.

A seet, supposedly healthy lady recently ent or a routine procedure described to her to be inasie, but not danerous. The procedure then reuired a stent. Durin that procedure, somethin triered a stroke. She ended up ith seeral stents and a debilitatin stroke. She as in the C or seeral days ith little hope o suriin. uckily, she as stron enouh to make it throuh her ordeal and is no in rehab.

This scenerio is not that unheard o.  onder hat the harm ould hae been to do some non-inasie testin (bloodorkdoppler studies, etc) to nd the condition o her health. Maybe some liestyle and dietary chanes could hae been implemented or a e months beore takin more drastic measures. This patient had no threatenin symptoms or problems hen her ourney started. She as a liely lady ho enoyed an actie lie. That is one oreer

Am  ron to instantly look at unexplained, sudden deaths o patients o all aes as a little suspicious t has become acceptable or youn people to die durin the niht rom heart attacks. And, it is not unusual or someone to enter the hospital or a simple procedure and end up in the C ith complications - or death. Maybe the nes media ust reports these inractions more than they used to but,  think, there is a trend toard an oermedicated society.

that is ith the adent o Dr. oole, patients are takin more responsibility or their healthcare status. They are surn the eb to understand procedures and conseuences. They usually hae opinions (ood or bad) o hat they need and ho to sole the health problem they are presentin ith. Sometimes they are on taret, sometimes they hae misunderstood the medical aron. At least they are tryin to be pro-actie More oten than


Many patients ould rather spend money on preentie care and et on ith their lies.

Their normal lie

not e hae to sit them don to explain the dierence beteen a bacterial inection ersus a iral one. hich one is eectiely treated ith antibiotics and hich one isn’t.

Once a person’s health is compromised by emerency episodes or uestionable inasie procedures, it is a little late to stay in the preentie circle o care. e encourae our patients to keep score o their oerall health. A basic blood panel is recommended in our clinic at least tice annually or our healthy patients. ithin this time rame, it is not dicult to see patterns headin in the ron direction. People do not hae ood health one day and ake up the next ith a chronic or atal disease. Symptoms may not hae shon up yet but the proo is in the testin.

nsurance companies seem to dictate the testin a maority o physicians order these days. There are protocols that limit basic testin. This is ust another reason or establishin a cash practice. ou can treat the patient, not alin ith an insurance company. at your patients expense.

A patient presented at our clinic seeral years ao ith an unexplained couh. Dr. Kessiner asked him i he smokes or eer had. e had recently uit. hen asked hy he decided to uit he said,  uit the day  spit up blood. That as a little late to make a decision on maintainin ood health.

Most patients nd a ay to pay or essentials, reardless o the insurance euation. Sometimes they hae to choose beteen a ne car A boat Or health care.  am sure durin an end result disease, there is no uestion hich is at the top o the list. All the toys in the orld are not important i a person is too ill to enoy them. 



             

 

Based on the research and teachings of Dr Jack Kessinger and Current DABCI Program Instructors


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