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hile there may be orms o olate or olic acid that may help better delier anti-cancer aents,24

people ould be better o not intentionally takin olic acid in supplements.


Folate oer-supplementation and deciency causes pro- phase DNA damae.25

but oer-supplementation ith olic acid can be a problem.

aura Bell correctly stated, e all need the natural olate ound in leay reens, orane uice, and other oods, and diets hih in these oods are perectly healthy many researchers, thouh, beliee that olic acid may be both riend and oe. hen cells in the body are healthy, olate helps shepherd alon the normal replication o DNA. But hen cells are malinant or in daner o becomin so  and as many as hal o adults older than 60 could already hae precancerous colon polyps, hile most middle-aed men hae precancerous cells in their prostates  animal studies suest excess olate in the orm o olic acid may act like as on the re loerin your intake to 400 mc on’t hurt  and miht help sae your lie.14

t is clear that since olic acid is unnatural, synthetic, chemically dierent, structurally dierent, and is not absorbed in the same pathays as olate, lon-term olic acid consumption may be haardous to human health. Folate in oods is hat is sae and is the preerred orm o olate or human consumption. Excessie olic acid may make cancer orse. And unlike olic acid, humans hae been saely consumin ood olate or thousands o years.

is becomin more eident that those arnins should hae been heeded by more people. Eeryone should be concerned about takin syntheticisolated SP itamins like those containin olic acid. And i olate is needed, it should be taken in one o its hihly benecial ood orms.

About the Author Dr. Thiel, Ph.D. is a nutrition scientist and president o Doctors’ Research, nc.  e also runs a holistic health clinic in roer Beach, Caliornia 

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Some hae been arnin people aainst possible olic acid daners or many years.2, 8,13,26,27

No perhaps it So obiously humans need olate,

it seems that many

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