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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Won’t You Be My (Good) Neighbor?

Strategies For Success When Adopting Amendments

Responding To Mental Health Concerns In Community Associations Indemnification Clauses In Contracts

Insulation Without Interruption: A Parka For Your Palace

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Community Association Underwriters of America (CAU) is a managing general agency and national leader in community association insurance and risk management. Founded in 1989, CAU services community associations, residential and office condominiums, cooperative apartments, and homeowners associations. CAU is based in Newtown, PA and offers property, casualty, fidelity, D&O, general liability, and ancillary products to a nationwide client base.

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CA License No. 0558510 © 2018 Alliant Specialty Insurance Services, Inc. All rights reserved. [2017-3804]

CONTACT Amy Clements, ARM, CIRMS Marketing Manager D 425 749 5440

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