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DR. Carlos johnson


Unfortunately, not everyone is as familiar with the quote offered by Dr. Carlos Johnson,

CPA. When asked about it, he explained, “All my former students know it by heart, as would any accountant: Assets = Liabilities plus Owners’ Equity. I used it in class and on many audit engagements to teach students and staff how to solve difficult accounting issues.” Johnson, a sole practitioner and part time consultant with BKD CPAs & Advisors in Oklahoma City, has spent a significant amount of time teaching.

While he was an educator at East Central

University in Ada, Johnson met and mentored a plethora of accounting superstars. His students are virtually a Who’s Who among Oklahoma CPAs: Nate Atchison, Zeke Hanson and Mike Crawford, just to name a few. Tat he drove more than 200 miles between Stillwater and Ada so he could teach at ECU and earn his doctorate at Oklahoma State University is not the most impressive aspect— it’s that his mentoring of accounting students at ECU had such a profound affect. Rodney Gray, CPA, PFS, CVA, a tax

partner with Gray, Blodgett & Company PLLC, said Johnson played an integral part in the hiring of ECU accounting students all over the state. “After graduation, I was hired by an oil company in Tulsa, Horne & Company CPAs in Ada and Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.—now KPMG—all as a result of Carlos’ influence,” Gray said. Former student Don Orr, CPA, a retired

partner from Finley & Cook in Shawnee, added, “He got me in-office interviews with several of the firms, which opened the door to me into the profession.” Johnson’s passion for educating and helping others continued to grow fiercely and propelled him down an accounting career path any CPA would be excited to travel. With more than 40

A lways remember A=L+OE. –Dr.

Carlos Johnson 10 CPAFOCUS

Getting to know Carlos

What scares you? Providing information that is not documented

What one word describes you best? Reliable What’s your favorite game to play? Pitch

What bugs you? People who don’t honor their commitments What was your first concert? Elvis Presley

What snack do you crave late at night? Bananas

What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? Someone gave me a suit to wear to high school graduation.

Have you ever met anyone famous? Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys

years of accounting experience, Johnson has expertise in financial institutions, higher education, government and nonprofits. He was a partner with KPMG, Lisle, Compton, Cole and Almen in Oklahoma City —which merged into BKD— and Horne & Company in Ada. Troughout, he continued his professional dedication to the OSCPA, serving all leadership positions. Additionally, he’s the 1995 inductee in the Oklahoma Accounting Hall of Fame and the 2012 recipient of the OSCPA Public Service Award. Johnson

March/April 2019

continues to be actively involved on the OSCPA Government Relations Committee. Additionally, Johnson has served multiple committees for the AICPA. In 2011, the AICPA bestowed upon Johnson the Special Recognition by the Board for his career of public advocacy. His OSCPA and AICPA service occurred simultaneously with accountancy board service: Johnson served two terms on the Oklahoma Accountancy Board, including three years as chairman in addition to aiding several OAB committees. Further, he led efforts to create an online registration system for firms and individuals and to open the activities of the OAB to the public and to create a website to provide information to the public. With all that service, it was only natural for

Johnson to continue at the national level with NASBA, where his success continued. After years of specialized committee dedication, Johnson eventually climbed to vice chair and, eventually, chair—only the second time an Oklahoman was elected NASBA chair. Te first Oklahoman to hold the position was Noel Kirch, CPA, an OSCPA Lifetime Member who served as the NASBA chair in 1993-1994. Janice Gray, CPA, CVA, CGMA is the third Oklahoman elected NASBA chair. Another mentee, Jimmy J. Williams, CPA, PFS, CFP®, said, “His excellent leadership … has placed him in the annals of history as one of the most influential people in the accounting profession.”

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