Julaine Lancaster

Julaine Lancaster, Conversion Manager of Midwest Independent Bank began her career in June of 1987 in the cash management area of the bank operations department. She transferred to the finance department for a few months in late 1994 to assist with bank reconciliations before returning to bank operations in 1995. Lancaster is well ve

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Matt Sinnett

Matt Sinnett, President/Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc. (MIB, Inc.) and President/ CEO of Midwest Independent Bank (MIB) began his banking career with MIB in September of 1992 in bank n ye

a correspondent banking officer before moving to the loan department as a as promoted nt with the

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loan officer. In 2008, he was pro ote to executive vice president with he bank. In 2011, he took on the role of the bank’s risk asset officer, w ere h handled the disposition of t OREO properties.

In April 2014 he was promoted to senior executive vice president of its holding company, MIB Inc. and senior executive vicevic president/chief operating of- ficer of MIB. Sinnett became president of the bank in Aprilpril 2015. In the fall of 2015 he was promoted to preside t/nt/ CEO of the holding com- pany and CEO of the ba k.nk. p

ted to B,, of

Sinnett provides leadership oversight for the holding company and bank in meeting their mission of serving the correspondent needs of the community banks in the Midwest.

Conversion Manager, Midwest Independent Bank 30 years with MIB

Where did you visit on your last trip? My husband Rick and I recently went on a road trip throughout parts of the SE corner of Missouri.

What is your guilty pleasure food? It’s a tie between chocolate-peanut butter and cinnamon rolls.

What will you do when you retire? I would like to do some traveling for pleasure, as well as help with some mission trips.

What was your very first job? I was employed with K-Mart and that was my first and only job before coming to work at MIB.

President/CEO, Midwest Independent Bancshares, Inc. & Midwest Independent Bank

25 years with MIB

Favorite thing about the job: Making some great friends that I probably would never have met had I not been employed with MIB.

What is still on your bucket list? I have a long bucket list and it is still growing, but the top would have to be trips to Italy, Spain and the state of Alaska.

What will you do when you retire? I hope to travel with my wife Kate and play a lot of golf with some hunting and fishing thrown in.

MIB Community BANKING 15

, where he f the bank’s

operations. He spent seven years at MIB as of

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