1) What are you looking forward to photographing this year?

2) What is something in regard to your dental profession/membership (local, state or national level) that has been meaningful or memorable?

3) Besides your camera, do you have a favorite photo-related gadget you like to use (equipment, software, app)?

4) Do you use any specific online apps/ websites for printing or photo sharing that you would recommend?

DR. KEITH ANDERSON 1) The arch of the Milky Way. In June and July, it’s is visible in the early night sky where it is dark enough.

2) Friends I’ve made.

3) Probably an app called The Photographer’s Ephemeris or TPE. It allows you to see when sunrise/set, moon rise/set will be for specific locations and what direction it will be. It is extremely important when planning specific shots for specific locations. It puts you where you need to be at the right time, then you just need to hope for the right weather.

4) I haven’t done much online sharing and am just starting to do some printing with companies recommended by photography friends.

DR. MAICE SCOTT 1) I recently started macro photography and enjoy taking pictures of things in nature, particularly flowers. I’m looking forward to spring when things start blooming.

2) I love the annual MDA Connect4Sucess meeting at the Lake of the Ozarks. I enjoy the camaraderie of joining my colleagues on the New Dentist Track and learning things that are specific and applicable to us.

3) I recently purchased a “Helping Hand” to hold flowers while photographing for macro. I love it! As an aside, it can also aid in soldering.

4) I have an Instagram dedicated to photography and have made many photography friends along the way. I’m even going to Charleston in March to meet several Instagram photographers who inspire me.

DR. JACK BACKS 1) Wildlife photography is my passion. I spend quite a bit of time in field at various wildlife areas, Busch Wildlife, Clarence Cannon National Refuge, and BK Leach Conservation Area.

2) I attend most of the Greater St. Louis Southwest District Dental Society meetings. I always enjoy the camaraderie. It’s nice to discuss the trials and tribulations … and rewards of practicing dentistry with fellow practitioners.

3) For anyone considering wildlife or aviation photography, a gimbal tripod head such as the Wimberley WH200 is a must have. It allows for a greater degree of freedom when tracking subjects.

4) I’ve recently had some images printed on glass by the website Fracture. I’ve been quite pleased with these prints.

DR. SAM KALLSNICK 1) Extending my photography to explore macrophotography.

2) I’ve been a member of our organization for more than 40 years and had the honor to be a past delegate to the MDA. In my practice career, I’ve experienced the success our parent organization has accomplished in keeping the insurance industry from completely controlling our profession—better than the AMA’s attempt to protect their members.

3) I recently acquired an auto intelligent bounce flash unit that has been beneficial in lighting, which is critical for photography.

4) Adobe Lightroom—it’s great for organization, sharing editing and printing and easier to use than Photoshop.

DR. TERRENCE BOND 1) Traveling to Costa Rica in May, when I’ll be photographing my son’s wedding.

2) This is my 35th year of practice, which means I really rely on the continuing research in our materials and equipment, and the proactive political end— helping to watch out for the interests of both the dentists and patients.

3) The only non-camera related device I use is research online … checking areas, migrations (I

use Ebirds for current info), weather, sightings and any website that covers where we’re traveling to. I do love watching my son use his drone to get unique looks and panoramics.

4) I have a website,, and I use Smugmug to print pics.

DR. KATHLEEN COOPER 1) Travel—I always love exploring new places and feel like that is where I take my best photos.

2) I really appreciate all of the CE opportunities through the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. I hope to attend the ADA conference for the first time this year in San Francisco.

3) Definitely my phone. It’s super convenient, and I take more pictures with it than anything else.

4) The only online photo app I ever really use is Shutterfly. I love making yearly photo books full of memories.

DR. STEPHEN BRUMIT 1) Numerous small Blennies on my next dive trip. There is a species called A Tesselated Blennie—they are about 1” long, very colorful and live in holes on wooden docks. My

next trip is during a full moon, so I hope to find yellowhead jawfish with eggs in their mouth.

2) I’ve used ADA insurance for many years and plan to continue in the future.

3) I tried a new piece of equipment on my last dive trip: non-compressive floats that attach to the arms of my flashes and make the camera closer to neutral buoyancy. That was very helpful, as I often take photos with one hand and have the other one holding me steady, which hurts my wrist. The camera weighs 23 pounds above water. The floats take the pressure off my wrist allowing me to spend an hour in one place not moving, which is required to photograph very shy species, like yellowhead jawfish.

4) I print my photos on metal from H and H Color Lab in Raytown. A photographer suggested that I print my underwater photos on metal and replace all my boring artwork in my office. I followed that suggestion and it brightened my office substantially.

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