Is your practice prepared for an opioid emergency?

A 2018 ADA survey of active, licensed dentists suggests that many members already have taken steps to deal with medical emergencies in the office: nearly 97 percent said they have a plan for handling medical emergencies, more than 93 percent keep an emergency medical kit with drugs on hand, and more than 86 percent report training staff how to respond to medical emer- gencies. Syncope, epinephrine reaction and postural hypotension are reported to be the most common emergencies experienced by patients, and dentists may feel well prepared to deal with those eventualities.

However, the opioid epidemic is forcing dentists to review training procedures and update their emergency kits to ad- dress the possibility of patient overdose. A recent webinar from the ADA Center for Professional Success noted that dentists may not be to blame for the crisis, but they are affected nonetheless. When these patients come around, they can be very anxious and reactive, be- cause it’s like an instant detox—on the other hand, a dentist can save a life.

The webinar cites that naloxone is a safe enough medication that it can be recommended any time an opioid overdose is suspected. And further, that using naloxone on a patient experienc- ing a stroke or cardiac event is still a safer protocol than waiting, because the sooner the naloxone is administered, the sooner the patient is likely to return to normal breathing. f

For the webinar and additional resources (including the referenced survey) go to practice-management/patients/emergency-medical- kit-webinar. For Emergency Medical Kit services provided by ADA-endorsed vendor, HealthFirst, go to

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