Missouri Dental Board Updates RECENT MEETING ACTIONS

The following 2018 year in review summary was provided from the Missouri Dental Board, and submitted to the MDA on January 10, as a report for its January 22 Board of Trustees Meeting.

At its January 2018 meeting, the Board approved a reduction in initial license fees for applicants for licensure. The application fees will be $150 for dentists and dental specialists and $100 for dental hygienists. That rule change will be effective February 28, 2019.

At its August 2018 meeting the Board approved a rule proposal to create regulations for opioid medications prescribed by dentists. An emergency version of this rule took effect in November 2018 and ex- pires in May 2019. The permanent version of the rule is currently going through the formal promulgation process. The Board has been working with representatives from the MDA to create compromise language to address some of the concerns the MDA had expressed with the rule. Two provisions from the original rule proposal were removed and will be brought forward as a legislative proposal. The Board appreciates the support the MDA has indicated for this proposal and the willing- ness of the MDA to work with the Board towards protecting Missouri dental patients.

At this same August meeting, the Board approved a proposed rule change to create a streamlined licensure by credentials process for spouses of active duty military personnel transferred into Missouri. It is estimated that this rule will become effective in May 2019.

Additionally, changes to the Board’s Moderate Sedation rule to simpli- fy the training requirements for parenteral moderate sedation permits are estimated to become effective in May 2019 as well.

At its October 2018 meeting, the Board approved a rule change pro- posal from the Missouri Dental Hygienists Association to enable dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia under general supervision. The proposal was submitted by the Board but was not approved to move forward. The rule change will not be promulgated. At that same meeting, the Board also approved a rule change proposal to enable a supervising dentist to give verbal authorization to a dental hygienist to provide treatment under general supervision. That proposal has also been submitted for approval.

In the coming months, the Board will be working on possible rule changes to implement new legislation from the 2018 Legislative Ses- sion which creates a waiver of occupational licenses fees for military family members as well as low income license applicants. The Board will also be discussing mandating defibrillators in dental offices and fingerprint background checks for licensure.

The Board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for January 24-25, 2019 in Jefferson City. As always, should anyone have any questions or com- ments, the Board encourages you to contact them at 573-751-0040.


Dr. Tim Larson, a general practi- tioner from Weldon Spring and a member of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society, is a new member of the Missouri Dental Board, having begun his term at the October 2018 meeting. “I’ve always wanted to give back on a higher level, to be an advocate and make a difference, said Dr. Larson, “Therefore, I’m excited to serve on the Missouri Dental Board.”

Dr. Larson received his DDS degree from the UMKC School of Dentistry in 1980, after which he opened his solo practice, Heritage Dental Group. He sold the practice in 2005 but continued to work in the role of managing dentist and clinical mentor doctor until 2019. Dr. Larson has worked with Heartland Dental since 2009 in the role of clinical director. As such, he supports all educational programs, both clinical and operational, and developed/implemented a mentor pro- gram. Dr. Larson is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and active in the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He and his wife of more than 42 years, Carol, have two married daughters and two granddaughters. His hobbies include travel, photography, fishing, writing, assorted crafts and community service, including since 1981 having served as the staff dentist for the mentally challenged and developmentally disabled residents of the Emmaus Home in St. Charles.

Dr. Larson joins these other Missouri Dental Board members: Dr. Bill Kane, President; Nancy Maus, RDH, Vice President; Randall Relford, Public Member, Secretary; Dr. Eric Aubert, Member and Dr. Kevin Wallace, Member. One member position remains vacant at this time.


Regarding the current Dental Board vacancy, Missouri statute requires the MDA submit a list of five dentists annually to be considered by the governor as possible candidates for vacant dentist position(s) on the Missouri Dental Board. The MDA must submit possible candidates for consideration no later than July 1, 2019. If you are interested, the MDA provides information and a questionnaire to complete, which should be returned to the MDA along with a current curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation no later than March 1, 2019 (no excep- tions). These materials will be reviewed by an MDA Board committee. If the committee has further questions, a telephone interview may be scheduled. Contact Margie Kunze for more information. f

Contact the Dental Board at 573-751-0040 or go to for links to contact information, rules and statutes, applications and other various information.

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