{ legislative & regulatory } & Regulatory Director The Never-Ending Story of Advocacy I

have told the ad- vocacy story many times, as everyone in my position be-

fore me has. However, if you ever think that advocacy is as simple as making a couple connections with key players, you would only have a grasp on a very small percent- age of what proper “advocating” entails. Advocacy is comprised of numerous anecdotes that form successful efforts and build posi- tive name recognition for the MDA and its members.

It is guaranteed you will see a change in both chambers every eight years due to term limits. However, some changes are more predictable and less significant than others. Over the past year, Missouri has seen some dramatic changes that have only increased the difficulty of advocating—in many ways plac- ing us back at a starting point for building and maintaining re- lationships within our branches of government. As you can see from the chart of just some of the key turnovers, this year will encompass a lot of work with new leadership for our legislative agendas.

We have already taken the first step in strategically using your MODentPAC donations to build an advocacy foundation through campaign contributions. Although we enjoyed a large suc- cess rate with our contributions, there is still much more work to be done. Think about it: no one immediately trusts someone

14 focus | JAN/FEB 2019 | ISSUE 1


Lt. Governor

Attorney General Treasurer

US Senator House Speaker

2018 SESSION 2019 SESSION Erick Greitens

Mike Parson

Mike Parson Mike Kehoe Josh Hawley Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt Scott Fitzpatrick

Clair McCaskill Josh Hawley Todd Richardson Elijah Haahr

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard Dave Schatz Senate Majority Floor Ldr Mike Kehoe

Caleb Rowden

House Appropriations Chair Scott Fitzpatrick Cody Smith Senate Budget Chair Dan Brown Dan Hegeman

they don’t know just because they gave them dollars (although most would be more inclined to be open to that person if pressed, due to that monetary donation).

We have seen numerous key chairmanships change, resigna- tions due to the passage of the Clean Missouri initiative and seat changeovers across the Leg- islature. One change we have not seen is a shift in the Republican super-majority. This multitude of changes is all the more reason for the importance of your involvement in MODentPAC and the MDA Legislative Day. A never-ending change of elected officials brings about a never- ending struggle to ensure those in the General Assembly are educated on important dental

issues. To achieve this, we must have some initial and continual form of communication in place. Especially with as many change- overs as we are seeing now.

The legislative arena can quickly shift, from a moment in which you think the world has literally stopped or is moving so slowly, to a point of complete panic when something unexpected happens, such as a bad amend- ment filed to be placed on your bill. Having a strong reputation and relationships with elected officials is what allows us the ability to maneuver and combat harmful pieces of legislation, open the door to communica- tions and obtain support from elected officials. However, this is not achievable through one

conversation nor is it achievable with just one campaign contribution. It happens through con- sistent advocacy efforts, consistent campaign support and consistent MODentPAC contribu- tions.

Your contributions allow the MDA to advocate to the General Assembly on behalf of our mem- bers. Contributions may be only a part of building relationships, but they’re a vital part. With- out them, opening the door of communication would be nearly impossible, as would be the suc- cesses that we have enjoyed.

We thank all of our members who contributed to the MDA advocacy efforts in 2018. Please consider continued support to MODentPAC and its advocacy on behalf of the dental profes- sion in 2019. We have a long road of rebuilding with the historically large changeover and need your help to continue the positive relationships we’ve always enjoyed. f

If you have any questions regarding our current legislative agenda items, regulatory issues or the MODentPAC, please contact me at shantel@ I would love to hear from you.

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