{ business solutions } by Missouri Dental Insurance Services New Decade, New Goals, New Look by JC STANDLEE, DDS E

very year you should re-evaluate your goals—for your per- sonal life and what you want to accomplish, but also your professional goals. MDIS is doing just that with review of our 5-year Strategic Plan. In early February, the MDIS Board met not only to have its regularly scheduled Board meeting, but to re-evaluate our existing Strategic Plan.

Our mission has always been simple: Helping the MDA succeed by providing dentists with insurance and other services. Therefore, setting new goals wasn’t too hard: Emphasis on Products and Services, Relationships and Profitability.

I won’t elaborate on the various strategies we’ll be using to reach each of these, but the first of our team’s focus is products and services. In October 2019, MDA surveyed members about MDIS, and we will be using that data to accelerate our products and services in the new decade. We communicate a lot during staff meetings as to how we can obtain better products, continue to make customer service better and maintain overall value in MDIS. We will be reviewing the products we have—determining what a member considers valuable or what can be enhanced. If we don’t have it, we will go out and find it for you.

In addition, education about products will be something you’ll find more of. We often discover that while the board and staff know that the products we offer are something every dentist should be looking at, perhaps you don’t understand its importance or significance as a practice owner. The hardest part of purchasing insurance is under- standing what it does for you and why you need it. With our soon-to- launch new website, we will provide more and better education and additional resources you need to make informed decisions.

When you go online, you’ll notice the same new logo as seen above. We’re proud of this new design that was developed with assistance from the excellent team at the ADA. You’ll notice similarities to the MDA, done on purpose to remind you of our relationship—that MDIS was created by dentist members of the MDA for dentists, their families and dental team members.

Speaking of relationships, the MDIS team is always happy to review your current coverage and offer suggestions as to where it may be lacking. These reviews typically are done in your office, and often a practice owner is surprised about what we make note of. Best of all, this analysis is courtesy to you as an MDA member, available at no cost. We want these kinds of services to build your confidence in MDIS and for you to consider our team an ally of yours—an integral relationship to your practice and personal success.

20 focus | MAR/APR 2020 | ISSUE 2

If we can do these first two things well: offering you the best prod- ucts and services and outstanding customer service and relationship, the profit will come to MDIS and thus will come back to the MDA members, in the form of sponsorship and dividends that help ensure provision of programs and stable dues.

The MDIS team is excited for the new decade and the new oppor- tunities it will bring us and MDA members. If you haven’t talked to anyone at MDIS in a while, now is the time to reach out. We’ve had some recent staff transitions to improve our service to you. Among those, Jerri Wildhaber has been named Operations Director; Lindsey Kutscher is the Practice Insurance Manager; and, Christy Diehl is the Health Insurance Manager. Vicki Wilbers will provide executive oversight as MDIS Executive Vice President, as she also continues to serve as MDA Executive Director. This dual leadership role will help both the MDA and MDIS teams to work together for greater synergy and overall member value. MDIS is a member benefit that you should be taking advantage of, and we look forward to working with you. f

Dr. Standlee is MDIS President. Contact MDIS at or 800-944-7550.


hitney Whitson joined MDIS as Office Coordinator in December. She can assist with any of your needs for certificate of insurance, evidence of insurance, Board meeting agenda/ scheduling or coordinating with any of the MDIS team. Prior to joining MDIS, she worked as docket clerk at Faber & Brand Law Firm in Columbia, Mo.

Whitney lives in Russellville, Mo. With her boyfriend Ethan Klingele. They have a son, Forrest, who is 9 months old. “His nickname is Mr. Smiley, as he is never without one,” she said. “He is our pride and joy!” They also have two black labs, Digger and Sako. Outside of work, Whitney enjoys refinishing old furniture, summer gardening, trail riding, enjoying the lake and spending time with family and friends. Here are a few more fun facts about Whitney! Contact her at

• Last good book you read: “Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis • How you like to spend your Sunday: Relaxing • Favorite music on your playlist: A whole lot of Elton John and, of course, some country

• Favorite wellness activity: Walking • Food you refuse to eat: Anchovies • Most awesome place you’ve visited: Laramie, Wyoming

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