PINKERTON, continued from Page 15 post-parturition. Dr. Ken Andries told me in early August that his FREE evaluation program now has only 40 participants, down from 60+ a few years back. As a goat broker, I consistently ask, and get, a $50-60 premium selling price/doeling over slaughter price returns. I believe I could get an additional $50 premium for performance-tested offspring. I hear of such premiums here and there but I can’t identify such players. I am urging buyers of my brokered goats to do such a program; some may, others may not.

Brokered goat sales

After a slow start due to the accursed bug and reluctance of bankers to fund goat purchases, I am pleased to report recent im- provements in such sales. However, it appears that I will move some- what fewer goats than last year, but at somewhat higher prices/hd. Accordingly, my earnings will be about $26,000 as compared to 2018 and ‘19 figures of $30,000 (at 5% commission). This year, SavX doelings and BoerX doelings are moving at $225/hd at 5-7 months old; young adults of the same breeding move at $275/hd; 7/8 Sav buck kids are drawing $400/hd and can cover in Nov/Dec. Some buyers prefer young open does for earlier breeding; others take doelings because hauling costs are cheaper/hd (500-700 kids/load) at $3.50/loaded mile. This year, loads have gone/are going to NV, VA, WI, PA, MN, TX and possibly CA. I recently described the Lancaster PA meat goat operation of Mr. Abe Fisher who buys TX doelings, quarantines them, and sells

High-seller brings $5,100 at Platinum Alliance

them to Amish, and other farmers, with a contract to buy back all progeny at a guaranteed price/lb for packer operations. This article has prompted interest in persons in WI, MN, MO, TX and CA. I will host the WI operator in mid-August to scope out TX goat supplies and transport possibilities (while here, he will purchase 400 doelings for a test run; my TX buyer is taking 600 doelings for his test run). There is preliminary talk of multi loads of 500+hd in each such operation in 2021. Accordingly, I am a giddy 92-year-old entrepre- neur. I credit readers of Goat Rancher for these opportunities. You have saved my isolated ass from enervating boredom while providing me with retirement $$. I appreciate you all, and mil gracias, amigos.

(Dr. Frank Pinkerton, PhD, is a retired extension goat specialist

living in San Marcos, Texas. He can be contacted at 512-392-4123 or by e-mail at His book, A Compila- tion of the Wit and Wisdom of the Goat Man, is available for purchase at

There was a good turnout and prices were high at the annual

Platinum Alliance sale held August 15 in Sidney, Ohio. “It was a fan- tastic sale with some fantastic Boer goats!” said auctioneer Pit Kemmer.

His offerings are:

Lot 1: 40-50 hd of Jan/Feb-born ’20 SavX doelings; ready to travel, $300/hd.65-80#

Lot 2: 60-70 hd of SavX and a few KikoX doelings, born Mar/Apr; $275/hd. 50-65#

Lot 3: 60-70 hd of Sav/x doelings born May/Jun/Jul; ready to travel Oct/Nov; $275/hd.Will be 60-80#

High-selling Buck, AFB2 BOU1 BOY TOY, (1/2 possession 1/2 inter- est) $5,100 (total $10,200). Sellers Mark Fraser-Cooper Bounds. Buyer was Mr. Ross Harden, Gibson City, IL.

Lot 4: 40 hd of exposed 2019 SavX yearlings. Priced @ $350/hd. Lot 5: 40 hd of SavX 2018 open nannies; some have kidded once, some twice. $325/hd

Lot 6: 50-80 hd of SavX does, 3-6 yr old, open, ready to breed; not culls— we are space-limited;$275/hd.  Lot 7: 50-70 hd of SavX and KikoX does, 110-120 lb; yearlings, open,$300/hd.These goats were NOT performance tested.Big and broody and ready to go. They are located near Oakland, NE.

Minimum group size: flexible, but would prefer 100 hd minimum; would consider 50 hd.

Trucking: We can deliver and will work with customers so they don’thave to pay commercial rates ($3.00-3.50/load mile depending truck size). We can do two load sizes, 50-80 and 120-200 hd, depending on animal size, for$1.50/loaded mile.

High-selling doe, RBMG AMAZING GRACE, $4250. Seller Redden Bros. of Norman, IN, sold to Burke Friend of Sand Fork, WV.

46 Goat Rancher | September 2020

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