SALE REPORTS 2020 Summer Cowboy Classic

Boer goat “ohana” (family) gathered from near and far to catch up with each other and bring the tropics to the sale! With a packed pavilion and more than 200 online bidders, Col. Lynn Newby kicked off the 2020 Summer Cowboy Classic on August 1 in Stillwater, Okla., at 1pm.

When the last gavel fell, enthusiastic buyers from across the nation had pur- chased 115 lots for their programs, with a lot average of $1,534.

There was a tie for the High-Selling

Don and Meredith Queal were the high- volume buyers.

Buck honor. First was ROR1 Party Down South, consigned by Red Oak Ranch and purchased by Justin Rabun for $3,500. The second was 4L Boer Goats The Dirty South, consigned by 4L Boer Goats and purchased by Bill Keel for $3,500. The High-Selling Doe was TST1

Windy Acres Midnight Start, consigned by Windy Acres Boers and purchased for

$4,700 by Carson Moon of Rockin’ M Boer Goats in Fairfax, Okla. The High-Vol- ume Buyers were Don and Meredith Queal of Cedar Hills Goat Ranch. Congratulations to David and Patricia Rich from Rich Hill Farms, who were this year’s winners of the Sky Blue YETI Roadie!

The Cowboy Classic Consignors say “mahalo” (thank you) to all who attended and purchased in Stillwater, online via DVAuction and via phone bid. They invite you to join them for the Cowboy Classic Customer Appreciation Sale, which will be held November 7. n

By Sue Hobby The Boers by Hobby 18th Annual “Hit the Accelerator” Sale was

our most successful sale ever with a sale average of $2,124 on 62 lots. Held on August 8, 2020, at Diamond-Bar Arena, Ceres, Calif., the sale was called by Auctioneer Pit Kemmer of Crossville, Tenn., and narrated by Bill Hobby.

This live auction included a masked crowd practicing social dis- tancing yet allowed buyers and spectators to view the sale animals in person. LiveAuctions additionally broadcasted the sale with 150+ viewers with more than 50% of the winning bids coming from online. The top-selling doe was Lot 20, Habi Biggs Flys Train H347, a

Trump Train x Westfall Mystery’s Encore daughter for $11,000. She was consigned by Ed and Sherri Biggs, Malin, Ore. Next in line was Hobby Keeping Pace J1933, a Hobby Pacesetter x Nats Major Star- dom dapple daughter for $6,500. She was consigned by Boers by Hobby, Hughson, Calif. We thank Celeste and Charlie Johns of Ea- gleville, Tenn., who won the bid on both high-selling does. Our sincere thanks also goes out to Sandra and Gary Duncan

of Able Acres Boer Goats of Crawfordsville, Ind., who were the pur- chasers of both high-selling bucks at $4,500 each: Lot 28 Hobby Moonshine J1997 (Moonslinger x Red, White, & Roan x Ruddy) and Lot 22 Habi Biggs 1361 (Fixin’ to Party x Daphy’s-Cannon x Swag). This annual event is educational as well as a genetic opportunity for national Boer goat breeders to diversity their genetic pool. The Hobbys visit guest consignor herds to make selections that will make

12 Goat Rancher | September 2020

The sale ran smoothly with the help of “The Crew” (above.) The high-selling doe (right) sold for $11,000.

the diversity and genetic story of the sale its best. Bill and Sue take pride in delivering most of the out-of-state goats by meeting buyers on the freeway to get their animals by no later than Thursday night (five days after the sale.) The Hobby’s are thankful for creating some of the finest bal- anced genetics including those provided by their guest consignors. The sale could not have happened without the many talents of our daughters Christie, Rebecca and Nicole plus the incredible group that helped wash, clip, photograph, lead and care for the consignment animals. A successful sale takes a team.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all of the buyers and bidders for their interest and purchases. Additional credits specifically go to Crede Garriot and Brooklyn Graham for assisting us on what Crede recently claimed Hobby genetics are “some of the most consistent genetics I have had the privilege of capturing.” n

The high-selling bucks brought $3,500 each. Boers by Hobby “Hit the Accelerator” Sale

The high-selling doe sold for $4,700.

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