$$$ Reproductive Efficiency $$$

By An Peischel ©2020 (Sixth in a series)

Reproduction is a trait closely related to income. We want to give the Goats Unlimited Kiko does and doelings all possible chances of breeding and rebreeding. Some major performance traits to be con- sidered are: reproductive fertility (twinning) and rebreeding on first estrus; survivability of offspring (motherability and milkability); growth rate of kids from birth to weaning (and then weaning to year- ling weight); efficiency of gain (growth rate) of kids; longevity of breeding mob; ability to maintain a body condition score of 5 to 6; disposition; carcass merit (quality, yield and consistency); and con- formation and stature (breeding stock and carcass). To maximize kidding rate and optimize profit, our breeding sea- son for doelings and does is 36 days. I select replacement individuals

Did you know? AGA members have access to the ‘Members Only’ page on the AGA website. Information to be found includes past conference speaker presentations, video demos, Merchant partners & much more! Of special note is 2018 conference main speaker Tina Varughese with TWorks Communication presenta- tion ‘50 Shades of Beige - Selling Goat Products to All Cultures’. Ms. Varughese’s presentation has proven to provide valuable communication tools to benefit all producers. ____________________________________

New Meat Inspection Regulation

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry recently announced amend- ments to the Meat Inspection Regulation that will cut red tape and provide Albertan with greater access to locally produced meat while maintaining food safety. Alberta Farm Animal Care Extension Coordinator and AGA member Dr. Melissa Moggy pro- vides an explanations on what the changes to the Meat Inspec- tion regulation mean to producers in the newest issue of Rural Routes Canada issue . tion-amendments/

October 2020 | Goat Rancher 9

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