Former Ranchers Lamb facility to reopen after 15 years

It was announced in September that the former Ranchers Lamb

of Texas meat packing plant in San Angelo, Texas, would soon be processing sheep and goats again — after sitting vacant for 15 years. The facility is being leased from the city by a family group from Col- orado. The plant will be reopened as Double J Lamb Inc. – Texas and is expected to hire an initial workforce of 80-100 people. I remember when the packing plant first opened. It was a great idea, long overdue and made perfect sense. For years Texas sheep and goats had been hauled in triple-decker trucks on a 40-hour trip to slaughterhouses on the East Coast. Why not process the animals in Texas and ship frozen packages of goat meat in refrigerated trucks? It would be a whole lot simpler. Ranchers’ Lamb of Texas opened its doors in 1998, and the fab- rication facility was added in 2001, according to Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network. The plant shut down in 2005. What the heck hap- pened? Some reports say there were not enough animals to keep the facility busy, although Texas is the largest sheep and goat producing state in the nation.

Some say the plant may have targeted the wrong market. It set its sights on the California market, which was perceived to have a short supply of sheep and high prices. That may have been the case

BY TERRY HANKINS Goat Rancher editor

but when Texas meat hit the California shelves, prices dropped but consumption didn’t increase. The market crashed. That’s one scenario that I’ve heard. There was probably a combination of factors. In any event, its good to hear that the plant is finally reopening. Here is information reprinted from the San Angelo Standard-

Times and Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network: San Angelo city officials said Jay and Jo Hasbrouck and family

of Ault, Colo., and Double J Meat Packing/Double J Lamb Feeders partnered to lease the building that will begin processing lamb, sheep and goats, according to a press release. “We want to support the (sheep and goat) growers in Texas,” Jay Hasbrouck said in the release. Jay Hasbrouck’s son, Jeff Hasbrouck, manages Double J Lamb

Feeders in Ault. Daughter Kelli Crider operates Double J Meat Pack- ing in Pierce, Colo., where the family processes 150 cattle and buffalo a day, according to the release. City officials said the move to San Angelo will put the former Ranchers Lamb facility back in service, and past money owed to the city from the former company will also be reimbursed to the City of San Angelo as a result of the lease.

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