High-Selling Buck, sold by 2M Boer Goats, for $6,500.

The High-Selling Doe, sold by Dust Devil Ranch, for $20,000. Labor Day Classic top seller brings $20,000 The 11th Annual Labor Day Classic sale was held Saturday,

Sept. 5. This year’s sale was held as an online-only sale hosted by Each year our sale has had buyers and consignors from across the nation. Due to the current health pandemic, we decided this year to have the sale as an online only sale. We would

Thinking outside the fence...

National Kiko


NKR now has 800 breeders registering & transferring quality New Zealand Kikos, Purebred Kikos,

Percentage Kikos and GeneMasters™

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To learn more about how NKR can benefit your meat goat operation, visit our website or give Karen a call. Karen Brown, registrar

770-844-4300 • or NKR, POB 1800, Cumming GA 30028

If you are not currently an NKR client, please look at all we have to offer, including educational and marketing opportunities, reliable registry and stable management — all things that can help make your Kiko program a success. If you’re looking for a registry home or have any questions, give us a call.

30 Goat Rancher | October 2020

like to extend our appreciation to the staff of for their professionalism and tireless efforts to make this year’s sale a reality. Buyers from across the U.S. along with international bidding added a new dimension to the sale.

Consignors for this year were 2 Bit Boers, Diamond B Boer

Goats, Windy Acres Boers, B4 Boers, Dust Devil Ranch, BLING Farm, Sandy Creek Goat Farm, 2M Boer Goats, Owyhee Colors, Ash Livestock, K2 Ranch Boer Goats and Walking K Boers. All the consignors appreciate everyone who participated on-

line in this year’s sale. Each year the sale has grown and faced new challenges. All the consignors appreciate your support. We hope everyone stays safe and look forward to getting back to Shawnee, Okla., next year for the 12th Annual Labor Day Classic Sale! Watch for the ads in Goat Rancher. n

Cloned testicles let goats father the offspring of another male

Goats given the sperm-producing stem cells of another male can have its offspring, scientists say. Even the hottest stud can only sire so many offspring. To speed up livestock breeding, biolo- gists have created pigs, goats and mice whose testicles are effectively clones of those of a dif- ferent male, meaning these animals father that male’s offspring. “It will allow more farmers to get hold of animals with the characteristics they want,” says Bruce Whitelaw at the Roslin Insti- tute in the United Kingdom. “Many people did not think this would work.”

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