Legacy Farms. Brett & Lisa Leyshon. Fullblood and percentage Savanna goats. Can assist with cross-country delivery. American Falls, Idaho. 208-604-2285. ———————————————————

Rugged Range Goat Ranch. High-quality reg- istered NZ Kikos and Savanna breeding stock, 100%, pure- breds and percentages avail- able in Malad, Idaho. Ronnie & Robyn Gamble. 208-840- 0717, or Facebook.


Bear Creek Kikos. Superiorbreeding stock. 100% NZ Kikos. Breeding program emphasizes ~ hardiness, strong maternals, parasite resistance, low hoof maintenance & performance.Colored ge- netics. Dick & Sally Rutherford, Carlinville, Ill. 217-854-7101 or 217-556-1342. ———————————————————

Red Bud Kikos. Quality 100% NZ & PB Kikos. Herdsires GFI Terminator's XXX & CLP Outta The Blue. Only 40 min. from St. Louis. or 618-606- 1939 (pls leave message).


East of Ekin Farm. Raising quality DNA parent-verified full- blood Savanna goats. Rex and Charlene Dunning, Atlanta, Ind. 317-752-6226 or visit online at Farm visits are welcomed.



Verified Spanish Goat genetics. Kensing, Syfan and Weinheimer Bloodlines. David & Lauren Ernst. Lacona, IA. 641-891-9501. E-mail:


Frog Hollow Goats. Boer, Kiko, and Boer/Kiko cross breeding stock available. Quality production genetics - forage/ pas- ture raised, hardy, para- site resistant, excellent mothers, fast growing kids. CAE and CL negative. Contact us at 319- 448-0203;; on facebook at Frog Hollow Goats.


Raising performance-tested Kiko breeding stock. Terminator, Aristo- crat, Moneymaker, Confederate genetics. SE Kansas. Quality with color. Wes & Bev Pinneo. Kincaid, KS. 620-439-5375 785-204-2353;; ———————————————————

Stone Post Goats. We breed, test & cull Kikos for continued herd improvement. We won't sell what we wouldn't keep. Steve & Alice Simmons 785-738-7483, Barnard, Kan.


100-Acre Wood Farm. Savannah-Kiko crosses. Breeding stock available. Forage- based grazing. Goats are bred for overall hardi- ness and parasite resistance. Stanford, Ky. Contact Sam Wood, 606-271-1012 or e-mail


Registered & commercial, NZ, PB and crossbred Kikos. Performance-tested genetics, forage based production (on-farm data) in beautiful southern Ind., just 30 minutes north of Louisville. Pat Larr and Betty Joubert, ph 812-525-4261;; ——————————————————— Quarter Lane Farm. SGCS Certified Spanish Herd. Weinhiemer/Kensing blood- lines. Selected for conformation and meat production. Jared Combs. 502-639-5232. Jefferson- ville, IN.


SGCS Certified Spanish Goat Herd. Wein- heimer Bloodline. Ron McGill. 317-408-5762. Cicero, IN. All Seed Stock DNA Registered. Selected for conforma- tion and color.

Bohannon Kentucky Kikos — because size matters! Performance tested in Kentucky’s heat, humidity and high parasite load. Commer- cial, purebred and 100% New Zealand. QUALITY


FORDABLE. Farm visits welcome. 502-294- 0519. ————————————————————

Cedarclif Farm. High-percentage Sa- vanna commercial meat goats. Eng- land Family Ranch DNA-certified FB bucks for sale. Dry Ridge, Ky. Karen Cooper, 859-428-3076;;


Freeman Farms - Albany. 100% NZ, Purebred & percentage Kikos. Focusing on growth, para- site resistance, good mothering ability. Call us for more information 606-875-0490. ———————————————————

JDRanch Kikos. Raising top-quality, pasture- based Kikos with University of Maryland Per- formance proven genetics. Commercial, percentage, purebred & 100% New Zealand available. Waddy, Ky. 502-875-8857; jarred@;

22 Goat Rancher | October 2020

Rockin r Stables. Boer x Kiko percentages and Purebred Kikos. Excellent breeding stock. PB & percentage bucks available. KikoXBoer does make excellent recips for flush programs! Jerry Rodgers, Campbellsville, Ky. 270-849-5996; rock-;


Kicken-S Farms. 100% New Zealand & Pure- bred Kikos. NKR: KSF-3452. Jess & Susan Shows, 5388 Arbroth Rd. Glynn, La. 70736. 225-718-7774. Leave message.


Marble Creek Acres. 100% New Zealand and Purebred Kiko breeding stock. Offering genetic diversity. NKR/AKGA registered. Test- negative CAE, CL

and Johnes. Private-label USDA-

inspected goat meat. Contact: 207-619-3758, e-mail, website mar-


Spanish Goats. Windy Acres Farm. Rhodes, Mich. All sires and dams are DNA tested, registered and mi- crochipped. Pure Weinheimer. Larry Roth, 989-313-5293.


Boundless Kid Farm. Savanna breeding stock. Arlene’s Meat Goats at N. Central Minn. 2486 State Rd. 6 NE, Remer MN 56672. 218- 566-3548; or visit


Dewayne Smith Farms LLC. 100% New Zealand, Purebred & percentage Kikos. For- age-based/rotational grazing. Bred for hardi- ness & disease resistance. Like us on Facebook.; Leakesville, Miss. 601-394-8763.www.Deway-;


Homer Daniel. 601-323-1314. Collins, MS. For- age-based Southeast Genetics! Pure Kensing & Pure Weinheimer Bloodlines. DNA Regis- tered & SGCS Certified Spanish Herd. E-mail:

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