Example of a Goats Unlimited doe (clockwise from above) GU2118 at 2.9 years of age having just weaned her first set of twins. Note udder is dried off and neatly placed high for traveling through brush (excellent resid- ual milk capacity), smooth muscling/great spring of rib and body capacity/depth and width of chest, extra sturdy legs and large feet with toes well spread apart, muzzle is broad and eyes set for enhanced peripheral

months of age they are re-evaluated: a body condition score of 4 to 6 must be maintained (based on a scoring of 1 – thin and a 9 – obese), and structural soundness/conforma- tion evident.

Final selection criteria for a yearling is based upon structurally correct feet, pasterns and sturdy legs, the angle of the shoulder at 46 degrees-52 degrees, width across the withers and rump and depth of heart girth at or below the elbow. Spring of rib is vital as is depth and width of chest floor. To enhance kidding (parturition) and eliminate dystocia, a 5 degree to 7 degree angle of the pelvic cradle is desired.

Body weight during this growth period is approximately 90-100 pounds and body condition score should be between a 5 and 6. If an individual has a hard time maintaining that score, they are culled. These doelings must be athletic, aggressive browsers (al- ways looking for the next bush) and have a pleasing disposition.

The doelings, bred to kid as a two year old, are expected to navigate long distances across rugged topography while browsing and grazing native vegetation. They need body capacity for the rumen and twin fetuses, structurally correct legs and feet for peregri- nation and chest capacity for lungs with in- creased intake volume. Fullness of hindquarter, inside rear leg muscling and depth of twist are also as- sessed. By waiting to breed as 18 month olds, the doelings better accommodate a 36-day breeding season, calcium and phosphorus

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vision; at 8 months old — sturdy legs and feet/travels freely/aggressive browser/good spring of rib/body ca- pacity and muscle definition starting; at 12 years of age — super udder with impressive attachment/teats are

deposition in their long bones is augmented, the immune system becomes highly func- tional and longevity within the breeding mob is increased.

Does are culled for breakdown of feet and legs, not twinning or not raising twins,

high above the hock/teats perfect for kids to suckle; at 10 years old — amazing body capacity/depth of heart girth/spring of rib/impressive legs and feet/udder with great attachment and teat placement.

poor motherability and/or poor milkability, unsound udder conformation and a rapidly diminishing, hard to regain body condition score.

The udder of Kiko meat goats browsing under harsh conditions needs a tight fore and

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