part of the business of selling Kiko goats. We do have a Facebook page, Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch Kiko Goats, and a website no-, where we post pictures and infor- mation about our goats. We then do our part and go over our goats from top to bottom to be sure the goats that we are offering to our customers are sound and healthy. By knowing our goats we can set our customers up for success with their new starter herds or with goats that are welcome additions, likely to strengthen their already existing herds. Often we sell goats to people that have farms so far away as to make the trip to my farm not feasible. In these cases we work to set them up with a trustworthy transporter and when we inspect these goats we are the eyes and hands for these customers. We have shipped as far as Washington state, Montana, Texas, Arkansas, Ari- zona and many more, with many happy customers. Our relationship with our customers does not stop there. We stay available to answer questions, big or small, emergency or cu- riosity. We all learn together and we are constantly learning how to better care for our goats, who, in turn, do better by us and thrive under our shepherding.

At Noble Nomad we are grateful for our customers, grateful for you readers for taking the time to read our story, grateful for our men- tors (Dad) and fellow breeders who are always ready to “talk goats”, to troubleshoot, come up with new ideas, share solutions and funny stories.

At Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch, we continue to raise quality purebred Kikos and New Zealand Kikos. We love our goats — they are a lot of work but the work is enriching, rewarding and fun. When one is watching there is always something to see, from the strong family bonds to admiring the many colors that Kiko goats come in, to laughing at the kid trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue or the one trying to balance a stick on her nose.

They keep us outside where we love to be — enjoying our goats, horses and livestock guardian dogs. To you readers, have a Happy Summer and if you are deciding on which breed is right for you, I strongly urge you to consider the Kiko — they have certainly done right by us!

(Noble Nomad Mountain Ranch is located in Meadows of Dan,

Va. Find Vanessa Eggert on Facebook or she can be contacted at

Retaining quality bucks and does results in quality offspring like these.

May 2020 | Goat Rancher 7

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