Weems family passionate about show goats By Carla Weems

Weems Family Show Goats started by chance when our daughter wanted to show goats at our county fair. The goats we started out with were purchased to keep the weeds down at her grandfather’s place. We learned that goats are interesting animals, each with its own personality. The first year was one of learning as we knew nothing about goats. We did not place very well that year, but we loved it and wanted to become competitive. It quickly became a family affair that we fell in love with. It’s been our goal to focus on quality and promote honesty and in- tegrity in all we do with our goats. It is our mission to raise quality show goats for 4-H and FFA members at reason- able prices. Raising show goats has become a passion for our family. We continually strive to improve our genetics to stay com- petitive and enhance our herd. We began to ask many questions of other goat showing families at shows and jackpots. We also turned to the internet and researched and discovered that this was going to be a project that would continue to evolve. After a couple of years, we decided we needed to improve our herd by looking for a new buck. We had just a handful of does at this point and we purchased a buck from Robin Walters of Bar None Meat Goats in Seguin, Texas. She gave us great advice on how we could continue to improve our herd. With the addition of this buck we began having success in the showring by winning classes and consistently placing in the top five within our state as well as in the top at national shows. We realized to continue to be competitive we must strive to improve our herd genetics. We continued to reach out to successful breeders to continue our journey of learning and improving. We then made another genetic change and purchased a few does and a buck from Donna Smith of RDS Goats. She became our next mentor to help us continue to evolve and have more success. We had goats from our herd be successful throughout the state

30 Goat Rancher | May 2020

The Weems family exhibitor, Heather Weems, with some of their winners (clockwise from above) 4th place wether 2018 Arizona National, 3rd Place ENMSF and 7th place breeding doe 2019 Arizona National.

of New Mexico, not only by our daughter but by other young kids that have purchased our show goats.

The past two years, we competed at the Arizona National Livestock Show, where in 2018 our daughter placed 4th

in her perspec-

tive wether class. In 2019 in the breeding doe class she placed 7th

in classes 14 and 15.

Our family continues to learn and im- prove our herd genetics. In 2019 we made additions to our herd with stock from Har- bour Livestock and Crystal Farms. Our herd is up to 40 does and several bucks. We also made a purchase of bred does from Kedrick Miller of Miller Boer Goats in the fall of 2019. Their kids are on the ground and we

look forward to seeing how well our 2020 kids do this show season.

It has been a blessing to not only com- pete at a high level, but to meet many fantas- tic people and breeders during this adventure. We will continue to work to have high qual- ity animals and help any young person with their project. We desire to pay it forward, helping young people learn and strive to do their very best in the showring and in life.

(Weems Family Show Goats is located in Portales, N.M., just 100 miles west of Lub- bock, Texas. They can be contacted at 575- 512-5832 or; website

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