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on us first,” said Meaghan Thomas, owner of Pinch Spice Market. “As far as most customers are concerned, we are the cause of the delay – even when they’re aware of the USPS issues. We don’t want our good and hard-earned reputation to deteriorate, so we resolve the issue at any cost.”

Thomas has tried a few methods for assuaging negative feel- ings from customers. For example, the company has sent free re- placement orders, provided a coupon for the next shipment or refunded the delayed product. Though such measures can get ex- pensive, Thomas said she has to eat those costs to maintain cus- tomer satisfaction. “We’ve worked so hard to grow this business,” she said. “It’s taken a lot of hard work, energy and sometimes tears to get our com- pany to where it is now.”

That’s exactly how we feel. Please understand it’s not the Goat

Rancher. We are trying our best to get your magazine to you as soon as possible. You are our lifeblood. Thank you for your patience! n

An excellent meat goat Body Condition Score factsheet with photo illustra- tions has been prepared by Langston (Oklahoma) University Agriculture Re- search & Cooperative Extension staff. The factsheet can be downloaded at

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February 2021

of goat shows, but none of us are rarely, if ever, evaluated for the ‘correctness’ of our selections/placings. As a consequence, I view goat shows as primarily social events and avenues for selling the pret- tiest goats to the gullible for the highest prices, then or later, to those who do not require performance-testing as a selection perk. Producers of milk, beef, pork, lamb and poultry routinely expect to be able to choose among production-tested sires and confidently buy/use them to upgrade their herds/flocks. The great majority of meat goat producers, however, do not, for whatever reasons, require their sire prospects to be production-tested.

They just go and look and make a decision on the premise that the best-looking animal will improve the genetic quality of their herd. This is an exercise in futility (gambling). In such circumstances, the price of the goat exchange is whatever the buyer and seller agree to; nothing else matters.

In non-caprine animals, performance-tested animals typically command noticeably higher prices than non-tested animals because of their known genetic potential. I speculate (but confidently) that meat goat owners could increase their breeder prices appreciably if they so tested, but they rarely make the effort to take litter weights (adjusted by litter numbers, sexes and weights).

Perhaps they think that the current, and projected, shortage of such stock and, accordingly, the current record high prices for both slaughter and breeding stock are such that the modest time and effort needed for performance-testing is just not worth it? On the other hand, I think they are missing a grand opportunity for increasing en- terprise profitability. Que sera, sera, y’all.

Concluding note on this topic… I expect to receive soon from Australia a newly developed computer app that purports to be of use

February 2021 | Goat Rancher 9

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