Postal delays call for patience from magazine subscribers

“I just bought a subscription a couple months ago. I received November 2020 and December 2020 but I still have NOT received January 2021 issue...what’s going on? I used to subscribe and always got the magazine right around the first of month...November and De- cember were late and now still no January issue...please fix this!”

Unfortunately we heard a lot of that in January. I wish I could fix this. For the past 10 years Goat Rancher has been mailed from the printer in Missouri around the 26th of the month prior to the month of publication. We have never missed a deadline. But as you have noticed, the postal delivery service isn’t what it used to be. This was really evident during the holidays. Packages were de- layed or never arrived. Christmas cards arrived a month late. And paying extra for Priority Mail with tracking didn’t help. When I tracked my mail, it always said “In Transit.”

One of our subscribers sent a Priority Mail from Oklahoma to

Goat Rancher in Mississippi. Tracking showed it arrived at our re- gional hub in Memphis (about 45 minutes from here) four days later. At the time I am writing this, it is still sitting in Memphis, 11 days after it was mailed. I guess if Priority Mail is delayed like this, there’s


not much hope for speedy delivery of periodical mail, which has the postal service’s lowest priority. Goat Rancher and its subscribers are not the only ones becom- ing frustrated with the mail service. And it is starting to hit in the pocketbook of many small businesses — Goat Rancher included. We want our readers to get their magazine — and in a timely manner. And if they don’t get it in a timely manner, they can contact us and we will send another copy via First-Class mail — which doubles our expenses.

When we budget now, we add a certain amount to cover resend- ing magazines. Sadly, that’s a new cost of doing business. But we want to keep our subscribers happy so it’s worth it. We’re not the only ones — I read this online the other day:

Though most people are aware of the USPS delays, many small businesses have still had to deal with complaints from customers. Small businesses often live and die by their customer service, so whe- never there’s a shipping delay, small business owners have no choice but to try to make things right.

“When it comes to any shipping issues, it always reflects back Please see ’RAMBLINGS on Page 9

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