Boer industry loses pioneers Jim & Lynn Farmer and James Agnew

Over the past few months we have lost several pioneers of the Boer goat industry. Jim and Lynn Farmer of Farmer’s Stock Ex- change in Mullin, Texas, passed away within months of each other. And James Agnew, 82, of Agnew Boers in Weatherford, Texas, died on Dec. 14. Jim, 82, died October 15 and his wife, Lynn, 82, passed away December 5. These three were responsible for many show-quality goats in today’s pedigrees.

I first met Jim and Lynn in the late 1990s at the Mills County Meat Goat Association sale that used to be held in Goldthwaite, Texas. Later they were partners in the Silver Exchange Boer Goat Co., which held its sale every Labor Day. The Farmers were some of the first importers of Boer goats

from South Africa. She and Jim were both retired educators who moved to the family

BY TERRY HANKINS Goat Rancher editor

Lynn talks up a buck at the 2005 Silver Exchange Labor Day sale.

ranch in Mullin, Texas, in 1995 and began raising goats full time. In 1993, she had traveled to South Africa twice and brought back South African Boer goat embryos implanted into surrogate goats. The Farmer’s Stock Exchange soon became premier Boer goat breeders in the United States. Accord- ing to her family, Lynn was one of the founders of the American Boer Goat Association, served on the Board of Directors and created the ennobled title, which recognized the best of the best in the Boer goat breed. Lynn was known in the show ring for her award- winning Boer goats and she was also a very respected ABGA judge.

While Lynn was always the face of Farmer’s Stock Exchange, Jim was always in the background working with the goats. He grew up in Dallas and graduated from Crozier Tech High School, where Please see FODDER, Page 30

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