Texas Star Kiko LLC is focus- ing on parasite resistance, high birth weights, hardiness and growth of percentage kids. Con- tact us at 361-550-9037, or

visit Lets talk Kikos!

Foundation Kensing Spanish Goats. David Whitworth 210-413-9790. Carl Whitworth 325- 456-1747. Proven Commerical Seed Stock. Able to fill large orders. SGCS Certified Herd.


Wine Cup Kikos. Quality goats at reasonable prices. Strong goats that produce fast-growing, healthy kids. Kandee Bishea, Johnson City, Texas 78636. 830-330-0306; kandee@wild-


Pahvant Goat Ranch. Com- mercial Boer, Kiko, Spanish and Savanna crosses. Very low maintenance, forage based, parasite resistant, ma- ternal, high-producing meat

goats. Fillmore Utah, Matt and Dianna Kesler. 435-253-1551 or 435-253-0106.


Jessee Farm. NKR and AKGA registered New Zealand Kiko goats and Ka- tahdin hair sheep. Perform- ance-tested genetics. Hardy, fast-growing kids. Visitors al- ways welcomed. Kenneth & Connie Jessee, Castlewood, Va. 276-298-5118.



LRM Farm, LLC. 100% NZ Kiko bucks & does. Parasite resistant, pasture & forage based, lots of color. For more information (detailed growth charts, photos, health records) contact us at 304- 466-5439, & on FB at LRMKikos. Ballard, W.V. 24918.


M.R. Goats. Performance tested 100% New Zealand and Purebred NKR & AKGA registered Kiko Goats since 2005. Forage-based Kikos delivering parasite resistant, fast growing goats with excellent ma- ternals. Mike & Lorie Renick 304-657-0456., and on Facebook at M. R. Goats.


Devils Tower Goats. Pure Spanish & high %age Spanish does & bucklings. Winter- hardy, parasite resistant, excellent mothering ability. Range raised and range tested. Carolina Noya.; 307-359- 2890. On Facebook at Devils Tower Goats.

Ford Bronco —

raised by goats? So the story goes that a herd of goats came upon a colt in the mountains trapped under a rock.

They rescue him, then raise him as their own, teaching him to navigate the craggy ter- rain and rough waters of the region. Sturdy, confident and now immensely capable, the horse transforms – into the ad- venture-ready, all-new Ford Bronco Sport. That’s the crux of “Raised by Goats,” the first of three campaign spots produced by Wieden+Kennedy New York for Ford to celebrate the launch of its all-new Ford Bronco Sport, specifically highlighting its G.O.A.T. Modes™ equipped with up to seven terrain management modes helping drivers “go over any type of terrain.” Shot in Washington state on Mt. Baker, a legendary volcano in North Cascades Na- tional Park, the production came with its own set of challenges – namely, casting and train- ing the proper goats and horses for the piece. “We decided early on that we wanted to make this true to nature, using real animals in an authentic environment,” said Stuart Jennings, creative director, Wieden+Ken- nedy New York. “So we were doing a lot of work even before the cameras were rolling, researching breeds of goats, hiring animal trainers, talking through the performances and developing our visual script.” Extra time was built into the shoot to consider the needs of the animals, he empha- sized. Horses can be trained somewhat easily, but goats are another story. “Goats are highly intelligent, but they’re stubborn. Sometimes, they just don’t want to listen. If they want to eat grass, they’ll eat grass,” Jennings said. “We just had to wait sometimes and cheer them on to do their performance.” n

28 Goat Rancher | February 2021

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